3500 rmb

3500 rmb

3500 rmb total

In many cases, you will receive your first pay check in China at the end of your first month. The amount you take home from this check can vary greatly depending on which province in China you teach in, but it is important to do some research before applying to make sure that it is within a range that is comfortable for you.

Say, for example, that the position offers 3500 rmb after tax per month. You will want to ask what this number includes so that there are no surprises or misunderstandings between yourself and your employer. Not all jobs include utilities as a part of the contract, so if they are not included in this number, you will need to know how much they generally cost per month so that you can factor them into your budget plans. Furthermore, not all jobs include free housing as a part of the contract; if housing is included in this monthly salary number, then you are good to go! If not, then you will want to inquire about how much the rent typically runs for an apartment near the school where you would be working and add that into your calculations as well. This way there won’t be any unfortunate surprises when it comes time to start paying bills!

3500 rmb before tax

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3500 rmb after tax

You will initially receive 3500 rmb on your first paycheck. This is after taxes have been taken out.

Taxes are automatically taken out of your paycheck every month. The amount you earn before taxes is called your gross salary, and the amount you receive after taxes is called your net salary. Your monthly paystub will let you know what those two amounts are for that specific month.

3500 rmb on first pay check

Congratulations on getting a job in Shanghai. Next step is figuring out what to do with your 3500 rmb paycheck.

First, there’s rent. A single room in an apartment typically costs between 1,800 (far outside the city center) and 3,000 rmb per month. This includes utilities and in some cases, Wi-Fi or satellite TV, but not air conditioning or heating if you’re renting during the winter months when it’s cold (December to March). Most apartments also require two months’ rent as a security deposit up front, which may be refunded at the end of your contract period. You’ll also pay another month’s rent as agency fees to the realtor who finds your apartment for you.

3500 rmb

$3500 is a lot of money. Fast. Most people will not make $3500 in one month, let alone one week. When you have $3500, there comes a tremendous amount of responsibility for how to spend it and what to do with it. Although spending the money is one thing, giving the money away can bring far more joy than anything else you could possibly do with that money. Give it away to someone who needs it more than you do, or give it away to a charity that helps those who are less fortunate than yourself. By doing this, you will feel good about yourself knowing that your 3500 rmb was not just wasted on some meaningless entertainment which brings joy only temporarily and which disappears as soon as its spent.”

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