Academy Of Medical Surgical Nursing

The Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing (AMSN) is a professional association for medical-surgical nurses. Our members have a passion for patient care and the lifelong commitment to continuing education. We are the only national organization of medical-surgical nurses committed solely to their practice. AMSN provides resources, continuing education opportunities, networking possibilities and more.

Academy Of Medical Surgical Nursing

1. Who is AMSN?

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nursing (AMSN) is a professional association for medical-surgical nurses. It is a national professional association that represents the interests and concerns of nurses who work in critical care areas.

In addition to representing the interests of its members, AMSN also seeks to:

  • Promote excellence in medical-surgical nursing practice;
  • Provide opportunities for continuing education;
  • Support research on medical-surgical nursing; and
  • Provide for the development and implementation of standards for education, certification and advancement within this specialty area.

2. Who are medical-surgical nurses?

Medical-surgical nurses are specially trained to care for patients who need medical and surgical care. They are called “medical-surgical” because they provide both types of care, in contrast to other specialties like pediatrics, psychiatry or oncology. Medical-surgical nurses have a broad range of responsibilities that include:

  • providing direct patient care such as administering medications, assisting with procedures and monitoring patients’ conditions;
  • communicating with doctors about diagnostic tests;
  • educating patients and caregivers about the process of recovery;
  • creating discharge plans for patients who are being discharged from the hospital;
  • making sure that all necessary paperwork is completed before a patient leaves the hospital.

3. What do medical-surgical nurses do?

As a medical-surgical nurse, you will work with patients in many settings including hospitals, home health agencies and clinics. You will provide direct and indirect patient care to individuals of all ages who have acute or chronic illnesses or injuries. You may also be involved in family-centered care, which includes providing education and health promotion for the entire family. As an advanced practice nurse (APN), you may consult with physicians and other healthcare providers about diagnostic information or treatment plans for patients.

You might perform diagnostic procedures such as phlebotomy; take blood pressure readings; insert urinary catheters; collect cultures from body fluids; or draw blood samples for testing purposes. In addition to administering medications prescribed by physicians, you may administer medication under the direction of an APN on a scheduled basis when providing home health services.

You will advise patients on how to deal with their illness or condition so they can return home safely once discharged from the hospital if applicable

4. Why be an AMSN member?

Why be an AMSN member?

AMSN is the leading voice for medical-surgical nurses. As the only organization that represents their interests, we empower our members to make a difference in their profession and communities through education, research, and advocacy. Members receive benefits including:

  • Access to exclusive information about important issues in healthcare
  • An opportunity to connect with other professionals who share your passion for nursing care delivery

As a member-driven organization, AMSN provides resources for your career development and leadership skills including:

5. Lots of information and resources for nurses.

AMSN is a professional organization that provides resources for nurses, students, employers, and patients.

The AMSN mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare through education, advocacy and practice excellence. It’s this commitment that makes us a leader in advancing medical surgical nursing practice.


The Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing is an association of nurses who specialize in medical-surgical nursing. The AMSN has been around since the 1950s and has over 5,000 members worldwide. They are dedicated to improving healthcare by providing education and resources for nurses who work with patients suffering from chronic illness or injury.

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