Acceptance Rate In Canada University

Acceptance Rate In Canada University

If you are looking for study abroad in Canada university, then this blog is for you. In this post we will see the acceptance rate of top 10 universities across Canada. The average acceptance rate of Canadian Universities is between 35-65% which is quite high as compared to US universities.

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

  • Acceptance rate: 26.9%
  • Average GPA: 3.8
  • GMAT: 607 (you have to have a minimum score of 600)
  • GRE: 320 (you have to have a minimum score of 310 in verbal and quantitative sections)
  • TOEFL/IELTS: 100/6.5

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia (UBC) is a public research university located in British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 1908 as the McGill University College of British Columbia, the university became independent and adopted its current name in 1915. It is ranked among the top universities in Canada and around the world.

The acceptance rate for undergraduate programs at UBC varies from year to year, but generally hovers around 70%.

McGill University

McGill University is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established in 1821 by royal charter, granted by King George IV of the United Kingdom. The University bears the name of James McGill, a Montreal merchant from Scotland whose bequest in 1813 formed the beginning of the university’s endowment.

McGill University is a French-language institution, and is officially recognized as one of the world’s leading research universities.[6]

McMaster University

McMaster University

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, this university is one of Canada’s top research institutions. McMaster offers a variety of programs for students who want to study abroad, including some that can be completed online or on campus. They also offer a range of English courses for non-native speakers so they can learn English before starting their degree program.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. It’s located in Edmonton, Alberta and was founded back in 1908. The acceptance rate for this university is 40%. The tuition fee at this school is $18,000 per year. Students can apply for scholarships if they qualify. There are over 5,000 members of staff at the University of Alberta who teach around 300 courses every semester to more than 20,000 students enrolled here every year. The facilities here include 400+ research labs, 4 libraries with over 850 study spaces as well as other facilities such as cafes and gyms that help make student life better than ever before!

The university gets a rating from us because we think it’s a great place to study – if you want an education that will prepare you for life after graduation then come here! They offer degrees across all fields including science & technology subjects too so there really isn’t anything not covered by them.”

Queen’s University

Queen’s University is a public research university in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Founded on 16 October 1841 via a royal charter issued by Queen Victoria, the university predates Canada’s founding by 26 years. The first class was admitted in 1849. Queen’s holds more than $1 billion endowment and has an annual budget of over C$1 billion (US$750 million). Queen’s is organized into ten faculties at its main campus: arts and science; business administration; engineering; health sciences; integrated biosciences; law; music; natural resources management and environmental studies.

Université de Montréal

Université de Montréal

Acceptance rate: 34.8%

Tuition fee: $14,700

Enrollment: 39,838 (as of October 2018)

Faculty: 2,300 (as of 2018)

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

University of Waterloo – Diploma to Degree Pathway Program

University of Waterloo – Diploma to Degree Pathway Program

The University of Waterloo – Diploma to Degree Pathway Program is a pathway program for international students who have completed a high school diploma and want to complete a Bachelor’s degree.

Students with an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, or an equivalent qualification where the final year of secondary school comprises at least four academic courses from groups B or C, can use their IB results as part of their admission requirements.

Université Laval

Université Laval is a public research university in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It is the oldest French-language university in North America, founded in 1852.[2] The main campus is located on “Île d’Orléans” (part of which belongs to the municipality of Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge).

The University offers a wide variety of academic programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels with more than 200 graduate programs offered across 9 faculties and schools: Arts; Science; Law; Medicine ; Graduate Studies; Engineering ; Architecture ; Management , Economics & Social Sciences .

The University has over 15 000 students .

Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dalhousie University is a public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada, with three campuses in Halifax, a fourth in Bible Hill, and medical teaching facilties in Saint John, New Brunswick. Dalhousie offers more than 4 300 courses and 180 degree programs to over 30 000 full-time and part-time students from all ages and backgrounds across the country at both undergraduate and graduate levels (including 3 000 international students from 110 countries). It is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top universities by Maclean’s magazine.

If you are looking for study in Canada university. Lets check out the top 10 universities for your reference. Here we go!

If you are looking for study in Canada university. Lets check out the top 10 universities for your reference. Here we go!

  • University of Toronto – Acceptance Rate: 45%
  • University of British Columbia – Acceptance Rate: 42%
  • McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) – Acceptance Rate: 40%
  • McMaster University (Hamilton, ON) – Acceptance Rate: 35% 5


We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you are looking for study in Canada university, let’s check out the top 10 universities for your reference. Here we go!

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