acceptance rate royal college of art

acceptance rate royal college of art

Acceptance rate for Royal College of Art

With only a 15% acceptance rate, Royal College of Art is one of the more selective institutions in the world. Applicants should be ready to compete with some of the best and brightest students in the country. Students who wish to attend RCA will need superior grades, test scores above average, and extensive extracurriculars.

Applicants can use this data to get a better sense of their chances of admission. For example, students whose grades and test scores fall within the 75th percentile range have an excellent chance of getting in—but if their test scores are significantly below average, they’ll likely be rejected even with good grades. Students with strong academic records, however, are encouraged to apply no matter what their standardized testing levels may be.

It should also come as no surprise that an outstanding GPA will dramatically increase your chances at Royal College of Art—particularly at the graduate level where admission is already very competitive (undergraduate applicants enjoy much higher odds). In general, a great academic record can compensate for less-than-stellar test scores and vice versa (though having both certainly won’t hurt).

Applicants – 991

The school received 991 applications, of which 446 were for undergraduate programs and 545 for graduate programs. This is one of the most competitive art schools in the world, with a very selective admissions process.

When applying historical data, we have projected that the Royal College of Art acceptance rate 2015 will be around 1.4%. You can get more information from the admissions office website at

Offers made – 149

The above data was compiled for the Royal College of Art Design Products and Visual Communication course. There were 149 offers made out of 231 places available, yielding an acceptance rate of 64% from a pool of 820 applicants. Of those accepted, 50% were international students, and they had an average undergraduate degree grade of 2:1 and postgraduate degree grade of 65%.

Places available – 133

When you look at college acceptance rates, a number of important factors come into play. But some people get a little confused about what these numbers mean, so let’s clarify things. Take a look at the following figures:

  • Total number of students who applied: 888
  • Number of places available: 133
  • Number of students accepted: 14 students

Now, you can see that these numbers don’t add up, right? 1+2+3 doesn’t equal 888, so something must be wrong here, right? You think maybe it’s because the ‘places available’ doesn’t refer to all the places in the class? Maybe it refers to only those places left after accounting for all the students already accepted? If that were true then yes—the numbers would add up but I highly doubt that is correct. I think it is clear that there is an error here and we need to fix it before we can proceed any further with this discussion!

International students – 360

The number of international students at the Royal College of Art. Now, as international students, we make up a significant portion of the student body. There are more than 60 nationalities represented on campus and we are:

  • 360 out of 1,100 total student body

Undergraduates – 446

Undergraduates – 446 (3% of total applicants)

Graduates – 27 (13% of total applicants)

Graduates – 545

The Royal College of Art has a lower acceptance rate for graduate students than for undergraduate students. That’s because the RCA is a prestigious and competitive school, and it only accepts outstanding students. The college does not accept any student who is not highly qualified to attend.

The college’s reputation as a top-ranked institution makes it tough to get into, but it also means that the school can attract some of the best professors in the world. The faculty at RCA includes more than 60 academics from over 30 countries, including Nobel laureates and award-winning artists like Jenny Holzer, Anish Kapoor and Etel Adnan.

If you’re interested in applying to study at RCA, remember that acceptance rates are just one factor when choosing which universities or colleges to apply for – you should also consider things such as location (how far away will the university be from home?); cost (will there be financial assistance available?); course content (what modules will be taught?); living standards (what facilities are available on campus?).

The acceptance rates at the royal college of art are quite low, with about fifteen percent of applicants getting offers.

Acceptance rates at the royal college of art are quite low, with about fifteen percent of applicants getting offers. For comparison, this is lower than the acceptance rate at the university of oxford and cambridge, which are in the range of twenty to twenty-five percent. The number of applicants per year is around ten thousand, but available places are only about one hundred and fifty.

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