Admission Requirements For Dental School

Admission Requirements For Dental School

Dental school is a rigorous, but rewarding, experience. In order to be accepted into dental school, you must pass a comprehensive exam known as the DAT (Dental Aptitude Test). There are also other requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to become a dentist.


Dental school admission requirements vary from school to school, but there are some commonalities. Generally speaking, you should have:

  • 4 years of college (Bachelor’s degree)
  • 3.0 GPA or higher in all classes taken for your bachelor’s degree
  • 2 years of biology, chemistry and physics with labs (preferably organic chemistry as well)
  • 1 year of calculus; multiple courses involving mathematical reasoning skills will help as well. It is important that you do not ignore this requirement! Most dental schools want students who can analyze data and apply their knowledge to real-world problems.

While it is possible for a non-science major to be admitted into dental school with only one year of science at the college level (usually biology), most applicants who lack experience in this area find it difficult to understand the material presented in anatomy class and related courses like biochemistry and physiology because they lack foundational knowledge necessary for understanding how cells function on a cellular level. Taking these courses earlier rather than later helps tremendously when it comes time to study microbiology because these topics build upon each other naturally – if one knows nothing about chemical reactions then doing experiments using chemicals becomes impossible since there would be no way for anyone involved with such an experiment process know whether it was working correctly!

DAT scores

The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is used to determine your eligibility to attend dental school. It’s based on the performance of a test, so it’s important that you review all aspects of the DAT and take advantage of study resources available for each section.

The DAT comprises four different sections: reading comprehension, science knowledge, quantitative reasoning/analytical writing skills and visual analysis as well as an optional interview. Each section has its own set of questions that measure your ability to read and interpret information presented in multiple forms such as charts and graphs; solve math problems with varying levels of difficulty; interpret information from charts or graphs; construct effective arguments based on facts presented in question stems; organize thoughts into paragraphs by selecting appropriate sentences from sets provided by exam writers; identify patterns when shown pictures (for example: find missing elements); recognize relationships between objects shown in pictures (for example: match shapes).

Remember that your ultimate goal is to be able to attend dental school.

  • You should be prepared to take the DAT (Dental Admission Test)
  • All applicants must submit a personal statement, which is typically an essay that explains why they want to attend dental school as well as any unique circumstances that may have affected their academic performance.

I hope this information is helpful as you prepare for your career in dentistry. Remember that your ultimate goal is to be able to attend dental school, so make sure that you’re taking the right classes and working on any deficiencies that may prevent you from getting accepted into one. Good luck!

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