admission requirements for nyu

admission requirements for nyu


The minimum GPA for admission to NYU is 3.0, but applicants’ academic records are rarely evaluated in isolation; the program committee will also take a look at your personal essay and your recommendation letters.

To calculate your GPA, we multiply the weight of each grade by its point value, and then divide the sum of those results by the total number of credits taken. For example, if you took one class with a weight of 4 and earned an A in that class and another class with a weight of 3 and earned a B+ in that class, your cumulative GPA would be:

(4 x 4) + (3 x 3.5) / 7 = 3.79

But if you took another class with a weight of 3 and earned an A- in that class, your cumulative GPA would be:

(4 x 4) + (3 x 3.5) + (3 x 3.7) / 10 = 3.64

We hope this helps! There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead!

ACT and SAT scores

New York University requires that you either take the SAT or ACT. If you take the ACT, you have the option of taking it with or without writing.

If you submit your application through the Common Application, we will accept self-reported scores from the SAT and reports from The City University of New York (CUNY). The CUNY must be reported by a college official on official school letterhead. NYU does not require homeschooled students to submit SAT subject tests. However, we do recommend that any homeschooled students considering applying to NYU submit these scores as part of their application review if they are available. SAT subject tests also provide an opportunity for us to learn more about your academic interests and strengths in specific subjects. We therefore find some value in these standardized measures, even if submission is not required for our review process

If you do choose to send subject test results, we will consider those submitted in addition to other parts of your application file when choosing a first-year class each year. At NYU, all test scores are reviewed holistically by an admissions committee along with other parts of your application file when choosing a first-year class each year.

Class rank

Class rank is an important factor in the admissions process, and you should be in the top 25% of your high school class. If you’re not in this group, you’ll still have a chance at admission to NYU as long as your GPA is much higher than the average 3.89.

School Profile

  • Average class size: 19
  • Percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students: 94%
  • Student/faculty ratio: 11:1
  • Percentage of classes taught by graduate assistants: 0%
  • Percentage of full-time teachers: 100%
  • Student diversity in terms of ethnicity, race, and gender is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a college. NYU has a student body that is 82% White, 13% Asian, 3% Hispanic or Latino and 2% Black or African American. There are 70 male students for every 100 female students. Additionally, 59% of NYU’s students are from out-of-state.

Application Essay

  • Application Essay: You have the option to submit a personal essay with your application. A specific prompt is not provided. We suggest you select a topic that will highlight who you are. There may be many ways to write about yourself in an interesting way, but when writing about yourself, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sounding boastful or self-absorbed rather than thoughtful and reflective. Remember that the admissions committee will only see what you write on this essay, so it’s your chance to tell us who you are as a person, aside from what it says on your transcript and résumé.

Admission Interviews

The interview is an optional part of the application process at NYU, and allows us to learn more about you—your interests and aspirations, your accomplishments and achievements, what drives you. Interviews are conducted by alumni volunteers and admissions staff in New York City or on campus, or by alumni at designated sites worldwide. Interviews are not required for admission to NYU; however, we strongly recommend that applicants residing in the U.S. or Canada take advantage of this opportunity to share their story with a member of our community. Interview evaluations are not considered when reviewing applications for admission.

Teacher Evaluation

  • You’ll need two teacher recommendations: one recommendation from a math or science teacher, and one recommendation from an English, social studies, or language teacher.
  • The teachers should have taught you within the past three years. Additionally, they should be non-family members who can give detailed evaluations of your academic abilities.
  • Note that while we used to also require a school report and mid-year report, these requirements are no longer necessary.

There are a lot of different criteria considered when applying to NYU

Your GPA, ACT/SAT scores, class rank, and other academic achievements are certainly considered when you apply to NYU. But they’re not the only things that we consider. We take into account the profile of your school (for example, if it’s a top-ranked private school or a competitive public school), as well as additional factors such as your application essay and interview, extracurricular activities (including athletics), and recommendations from teachers or other adults in your life who have worked with you closely.

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