admission requirements for stanford

admission requirements for stanford

Wondering what it takes to get into Stanford?

Wondering what it takes to get into Stanford? In addition to having high standardized test scores and outstanding grades, Stanford requires its applicants to be curious, compassionate, and committed. The school also looks for athletes, artists, debaters, coders, mathematicians and more.

Stanford is one of the most selective universities in the United States. For the class of 2023 (students who will graduate in 2023), out of 44,073 applicants only 2,057 were offered admission — an acceptance rate of 4.7%. The school has had lower acceptance rates: for the class of 2019 , acceptance rate was 4.3%!

Below is a look at what academic life will be like. See how hard classes are at Stanford.

The undergraduate population is split among 6 residential colleges. Each college has a distinct personality and collegiate way of life, yet all six share the same rigorous academic and extracurricular opportunities.

Classes at Stanford are not easy, no matter what major you choose. How difficult your classes will be depends on the major that you select. In general, science majors tend to be more difficult than humanities or social science majors. But there are always exceptions to every rule! The best way to find out typical GPAs and test scores for your desired major is by talking with your admissions officer or visiting the department’s website directly. You can also find out about typical coursework for each major by looking at the course catalog online or by talking with an admissions officer.

You should also explore internship opportunities for your intended major and research opportunities available through Stanford’s many research institutes and labs.

Once you’re on campus, how will you get around? Here’s a look at Stanford’s transportation options.

While getting to Stanford is fairly straightforward, getting around campus can be a little more complicated. Do you want to drive? Bike? Walk? The university does not have a bus system or a train station, but here are some of the options available to students:

  • Bicycles: There are several bike rental locations throughout campus, and many students use bikes as their primary mode of transportation on campus.
  • Walking and running: Many students like the exercise, fresh air, and convenience of walking between classes.
  • Carpooling: If you’re at least 18 years old and own your own car (or will be buying one), it may make sense to join Stanford’s carpool program. A fee of $250 per quarter allows you access to special parking spaces reserved for carpools as well as reduced parking fees in various lots on campus.

After graduation, you should be able to meet these financial obligations. Take a closer look at Stanford’s affordability.

Now and after you graduate, you should be able to meet your financial obligations. Here’s a closer look at Stanford’s affordability.

Tuition, Room and Board

At Stanford, tuition is $47,940. The average cost of room and board is $15,946 annually (on-campus housing). The average student budget for living expenses is $2,515 per academic quarter (nine months).

Financial Aid Options

Stanford has generous financial aid policies that ensure that admissions are need-blind for U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens. The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid is here to help you afford a Stanford education by making it possible to graduate debt free with no loans involved in the financial aid package. We can do this because we have resources available from the generosity of alumni and donors who believe in our students’ ability to change the world through their education at Stanford University. We also assist students in meeting their family contribution before they borrow funds or work during their time at Stanford University.

  • Grants: Scholarship money you don’t pay back
  • Work: Money earned through employment opportunities on campus or with approved off-campus employers
  • Loans: Money borrowed for school which must be paid back according to terms established by the lender providing the loan assistance

Here’s what you need to know to get into Stanford.

Inspired by the words of Leland Stanford, the university’s founders, who said that “The children of California shall be our children,” Stanford is committed to providing high-quality education to all students, regardless of their income or socioeconomic status. If you aspire to attend this prestigious institution and are willing to do what it takes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The admissions standards are rigorous. In order to be admitted into Stanford’s freshman class, you must meet several requirements: have an excellent academic record throughout high school; write a personal essay about your interests and accomplishments; submit letters of recommendation from at least two teachers; and take at least three SAT Subject Tests in addition to the regular SAT or ACT. Extracurricular activities also factor heavily into admissions decisions. The university weighs each student’s accomplishments in academics and extracurricular activities equally, with no preference for either one over the other.
  • It costs a lot of money to attend Stanford. Tuition alone is $48,987 per year for undergraduates. On top of that, room and board cost $15,213 per year, bringing total expenses right around $65k per year (not including books). Add in travel costs if you’re coming from out of state or another country, financial aid application fees if applicable, etc., and attending even just one year at this school can become quite expensive! If possible it might be worth considering taking some courses online instead so as not to rack up too many expenses during your time there—that way once you graduate from Stanford University with honors everyone will know how smart you really are!

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