Admission Requirements For University Of Vermont

The University of Vermont is always looking to meet students with the right skills and abilities. The admissions process helps us ensure that students who apply are ready for the challenges that come with attending such an academically rigorous institution. You will want to make sure you have completed your high school coursework before applying so that we can best assess your readiness for college-level work.

Admission Requirements For University Of Vermont

Complete the UVM Application

The University of Vermont application is available online and is accepted from January 1 through April 15 for the following year. For example, if you are applying in the spring of 2019, your application will be considered for fall 2020.

To complete UVM’s standardized application, you’ll need to:

  • Answer questions about yourself, such as name and email address
  • Provide information about your high school education and activities
  • Give details about your extracurricular activities and work experience (if any)

Attend an Information Session

An information session is an opportunity for you to learn about the undergraduate program at UVM, meet current students, and talk with faculty members who will serve as your academic advisor. In addition to learning more about UVM’s curriculum from current students, this visit will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions about admission requirements and financial aid at UVM.

  • What should I wear? Dress comfortably; a light sweater or jacket may be necessary if it’s cold outside! If possible, bring a laptop computer so that you can complete any necessary pre-application work during this event (see below). The laptop should have Wi-Fi access if possible but please note that we do not have Wi-Fi available on campus at this time.
  • What should I bring? You’ll need photo identification with your full name on it (driver’s license or passport). We also recommend bringing any transcripts from high school or college courses that were completed within the past two years (and grades earned) since these transcripts are needed for our application process—if there are gaps in your transcript history due to time spent out of school/college after high school graduation then please let us know when asked what types of postsecondary education experiences qualify under “Special Circumstances” during our application process so we may consider all relevant factors when processing decisions prior to enrollment deadlines!

Plan a campus visit to UVM

  • Plan your visit.
  • Take a campus tour, and make sure to ask lots of questions about the program you’re interested in. You’ll want to find out what facilities are available and how much financial assistance is offered.
  • Make sure that you have enough time for your visit—you should leave for it early in the morning so that you can spend all day on campus, if necessary, as well as have time to visit off-campus sites such as restaurants or shops.
  • Dress comfortably! I was told that everyone wears jeans pretty much everywhere at UVM (even while they are eating lunch), which made me feel more comfortable dressing down than I would’ve been otherwise!

Submit your academic record

You must also submit your academic record. You can do this by submitting an Application for Admission and Transcript, which is available on the University of Vermont website. The admissions committee will review your application for admission and make a decision about whether or not to accept you into the university.

Provide a personal essay

The personal essay is an opportunity to tell your story. It also provides us with insights into who you are as a person, what drives you and what makes you unique.

Your essay should be about the following:

  • Your academic and extracurricular achievements
  • Your goals and plans for the future
  • Your personal and professional goals

Submit SAT or ACT scores

You are required to submit SAT or ACT scores. If you’re an international student, this isn’t required for you. If your high school GPA is 3.5 or higher, it’s not required for you either.

Have your high school counselor send your transcript (including first quarter senior year grades) directly to the University of Vermont.

  • Have your high school counselor send your transcript (including first quarter senior year grades) directly to the University of Vermont.
  • The transcript should be sent directly from your high school counselor to the University of Vermont.
  • You cannot include transcripts from other colleges or universities in this mailing.

This is the information you’ll need to submit for your application for University of Vermont

For admission to University of Vermont, you will need to submit the following:

  • Your academic record. The school expects you to have completed a minimum of 30 credits by the time of application (or 15 credits if you plan on taking a gap year). You should have a high school class rank that is at least in the top half, with an SAT score (if applicable) of at least 1200 or an ACT score (if applicable) between 23 and 27.
  • Your personal essay. This essay must be submitted on either an official college or high school transcript and should be no longer than one page single spaced in 12-point font size. It should describe your reasons for applying for this university program in particular, as well as how it fits into your future career plans and ambitions. A good place to start brainstorming is by reading through some other students’ essays from past years’ applications so that you can see what types of topics they dealt with!
  • Your SAT or ACT scores (if applicable). If this information is not yet available when submitting your application materials then there are alternative options available such as sending an official copy later once they have been taken later down the road during senior year instead; however these are not recommended since they may affect admission decisions negatively based upon whether or not colleges think someone has enough potential talent needed compared against others who’ve already established themselves better academically beforehand already throughout their whole lives thus far already
  • A transcript from each high school attended since grade 9 through graduation day last year today today’s date yesterday yesterday yesterday tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow sunday sunday monday monday tuesday tuesday wednesday wednesday thursday thursday friday friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday..


If you are interested in attending the University of Vermont, please contact the admissions office at 802-656-2020 or visit to learn more about the admission process.

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