albany sdn

albany sdn


  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • SDN Basics
  • SDN Challenges and Issues in the Network Core and Data Center Networks
  • Conclusion

albany sdn co-founder & cto

Evan Pereira is the co-founder and CTO of Albany SDN. Previously, he was a member of the Albany Medical Center IT organization where he worked on their SDN project and helped them realize their vision for an automated network. We had the opportunity to ask Evan a few questions about his role at albany sdn and his thoughts on automation in networking.

What role did you play in your collaboration with Albany Medical Center?

My role at albany sdn is to lead our development team and work toward improving our products every day. I approach this with a customer-first mindset that encourages my team to be creative, innovative, and empower them to think outside the box when they’re working on new features or tackling problems.

albany sdn co-founder evan pereira

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albany medical center

Established in 1849, Albany Medical Center is the only academic medical center in northeastern New York. When you choose us for your care, you’re choosing a not-for-profit, independent, private institution with a national reputation for excellence. Albany Medical Center is an academic medical center where physicians from all disciplines work together to provide patients with the highest quality of care. We offer a full range of pediatric and adult specialty services, including cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, cancer care and hematology/oncology services, neurosciences including neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry services.

albany medical center it organization

Albany Medical Center is one of the largest medical centers in the northeast, and a pioneer in the use of big data and machine learning. Its unique leadership and operating philosophy have enabled it to grow its IT organization by approximately 300% over the past decade, while simultaneously achieving year-on-year productivity improvements.

albany sdn & med center collaboration

The Albany Medical Center (AMC) and the State University of New York at Albany (University at Albany) have a long history of collaboration in research, teaching medical students and providing medical care to the residents of upstate New York. The introduction of SDN into the AMC network was an opportunity to extend that collaboration.

By bringing networking experts from both institutions together, they were able to rapidly develop a unified view of the future state network architecture, including detailed cost estimates. This enabled them to assess alternative approaches, such as using Ethernet VPN services or upgrading their existing MPLS service provider interface.

In addition, having these experts evaluate an open source software-based SDN controller platform enabled AMC and UAlbany to develop their own proof-of-concept solution for their future state data center architecture.

By coordinating efforts around AI, blockchains and other cutting-edge technology, technology leaders can make their organizations more competitive in a challenging market.

As the economy continues to be challenging, technology leaders need to find ways to make their companies competitive. To do this, they often look for new technologies that will give them an edge over their rivals. Artificial intelligence and blockchains are two of the newest and most advanced technologies on the market. They have the potential to help companies compete by making them more efficient, reducing costs, improving customer service and increasing profits.

However, these technologies require collaboration between all parts of a company in order for them to be successful. IT departments must work closely with other departments like marketing or sales in order for these new tools to reach their full potential. This kind of cooperation is something that many companies struggle with due to internal politics or lack of communication between departments – but it’s worth the effort if you want your company to stay ahead of its competition!

One example where a lack of communication led us down a path that we couldn’t get off without losing money was when one department developed an algorithm that was supposed to increase sales through personalized advertising based on user behavior data collected while they were browsing websites (such as which pages they visited). However what happened instead was when users got ads tailored specifically towards them based on their browsing history…the ads were so accurate at pinpointing their interests that they ended up buying many products before leaving any page whatsoever!

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