amherst college acceptance rate early decision

amherst college acceptance rate early decision

Amherst College Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The early decision acceptance rate for Amherst College is around 35 percent. While this is lower than the overall acceptance rate, it’s still quite high compared to other schools that offer a comparable level of prestige and quality of education. When comparing the early decision acceptance rates of different highly ranked schools, you can see that Amherst offers one of the highest (by percentage) opportunities for admission among the top 20 liberal arts colleges in the United States. This means that if you apply early decision to Amherst College and you get accepted, your chances of acceptance will be higher than almost any other school out there. However, keep in mind that as a student who’s been accepted through this process at Amherst or another college, you are making a commitment to attend if you’re accepted right away–meaning you won’t be able to apply elsewhere if it doesn’t work out with an early decision school.

Early action and early decision have slightly different meanings when it comes to applying to college. Early action is a type of non-binding application whereby students can apply before regular application deadlines but must make their final decisions on whether or not they’ll attend by their own personal deadline. Early decision is also a non-binding enrollment process wherein students are required to accept or deny enrollment offers from colleges by an institutionally designated date–which means that for those who get accepted into their top choices via early decision applications, they will have committed themselves to attending those colleges should they move forward with that option.

Amherst College Early Decision Dates 2020

If you’re applying to Amherst during the Early Decision deadline, there’s no time like the present to start preparing. It’s important that you don’t forget to submit your application on time, because if you do then you’ll have missed the deadline and it will be much harder to apply again in future years. If you miss this deadline by even a day or two then your chances of admission drop significantly. So make sure that when you apply, you do so as soon as possible and give yourself enough time to get all of the paperwork done before the deadline is reached for that year.

This year’s Early Decision Deadline for Amherst College is June 1, 2019 (or December 1, 2018). The next Early Decision Deadline for Amherst College will be announced in early March 2020.

Amherst College Early Action Acceptance Rate

Early action is one of the many ways colleges can accept a student to their university. It’s usually only available to students who are applying for early admission, which is typically done by students who have already been accepted or waitlisted at other colleges. Early action is not binding and does not guarantee acceptance.

Early action acceptance rates vary from school to school but tend to be lower than regular decision acceptance rates because fewer students are applying via early action. This is especially true with Ivy League schools, who have the highest early action acceptance rates (such as Harvard University’s 5.8% and Brown University’s 9.7%).

The benefits of applying early action include not having to wait as long for a response and getting more time to review financial aid packages and compare financial aid offers between colleges before making a decision on where they want to attend college in the fall. Another benefit is that if they were denied admission during early action, they still have the opportunity to apply through regular decision or as an alternate candidate if spots open up later in the spring after some accepted candidates decline their offers of admission (rare).

This year Amherst College took 509 out of 1,527 applied students or 35% through their early decision program with an average SAT score of 1498/1600 and average ACT score of 35/36 .

Amherst College Acceptance Rate for Regular Decision

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The college you choose to go to can have a big impact on your future, so the more information you have the better.

Before you take the SAT, you have to choose which college or university to apply for. This can be a tough decision because of how important this single choice will be in deciding your future. Luckily, we have statistics that can make your decision easier: Amherst College has a higher acceptance rate than other colleges and universities that are comparable to it. One way of interpreting this statistic is that more people who apply to Amherst get in than people who apply to these other schools. Another way is that fewer people apply to Amherst, so they don’t need as high of an acceptance rate. Both interpretations are correct and they both mean that if you apply to Amherst, there is a higher chance that you will end up attending Amherst than if you applied for one of the comparable schools.

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