Apartments By The University Of Arizona

Apartments By The University Of Arizona

Welcome to the University of Arizona! Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, these apartments near the University of Arizona are sure to meet your needs.

Casa Rinconada Apartments

Casa Rinconada Apartments

Address: 753 East Orange Grove Road, Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone number: (520) 624-5407

Website URL:

Email address:

Number of units available: 10

Number of bedrooms in each unit: 1 or 2

Number of bathrooms in each unit: 1 or 2

Number of parking spaces per unit (if applicable): 1 per bedroom; no vehicle limit specified

Number of floors per building and number of stories within each floor if applicable (i.e., ground level, second floor): 2 floors with 3 stories total; first floor is comprised solely within this complex

Price range for a one bedroom apartment at Casa Rinconada Apartments in Tucson Arizona as listed on their website as of April 20 2016 is $1,829 – $3,274 depending on size and amenities selected such as swimming pool access etc…

Campus Walk Student Living

Campus Walk Student Living is a student housing facility located just five minutes from the University of Arizona. The complex has several amenities that cater to students, including a 24-hour security team and onsite maintenance staff. There are also two pools and a fitness center where you can unwind after class.

Campus Walk offers furnished apartments at affordable prices, with one-bedroom units starting at around $525 per month. These units include cable TV and internet access, as well as utilities in the rent price—but if you prefer not to pay for these items separately, there are no additional charges for them either.

The complex does not offer parking spaces with its rental prices; however, it is possible to find street parking nearby (some residents have reported being able to find spaces right outside their building). You may also want to investigate whether or not your car insurance covers any damage done while parked on city streets (some policies do not cover such damages).

Students receive special rates on rent during their enrollment periods (including summer sessions), which makes Campus Walk an affordable option during those times as well!

Coronado Place

Coronado Place

1318 E University Blvd.

Coronado Place is located at 1318 E University Blvd. This apartment complex offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments to its residents. Amenities include air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and a washer and dryer within each unit. Rental rates start at $1,025 per month for a one-bedroom unit up to $1,375 per month for three bedrooms.

Estates At Tucson

Estates at Tucson is located on the west side of Tucson and is bordered by Craycroft Road, W Glenn Street and N La Cholla Boulevard. It’s a quiet neighborhood filled with trees and homes, making it perfect for anyone who wants to live in a peaceful area outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown.

The amenities here are very nice; there’s an indoor pool as well as other recreational amenities like a basketball court, fitness center and business center. There are also two clubhouses that have been remodeled recently where residents can socialize with one another or hold events such as birthday parties or get-togethers (with free catering!).

The apartments themselves have varying square footage based on building type: Studio (444 sq ft), 1 Bedroom (800 sq ft), 2 Bedroom Townhome (1,270 sq ft). Some units come with vaulted ceilings while others have split bedrooms which allows you to configure your apartment however you’d like without having any neighbors above or below you!

Foothills Terrace

Foothills Terrace is located on the west side of the University of Arizona, close to the medical center and downtown area. It offers a mix of 2- and 4-bedroom apartments with large closets, patios, balconies or decks. The community has an outdoor pool, a gym and a basketball court for residents to enjoy. Staff members will even provide transportation from your apartment to campus on weekends if you’re interested in taking part in one of their many activities!

Mission Palms Apartments

Mission Palms Apartments

Address: 5353 E University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone Number: (520) 793-9977


Parking: Parking is available on site or in the adjacent parking lot. There are a total of 20 parking spots for residents who have vehicles and visitors to park their cars. There is no free street parking in this area so it may be difficult to find a spot if you do not have access to a garage or driveway at home. Amenities include laundry facilities in each building as well as trash disposal bins that are emptied daily by our staff members who work here full time every day from 8am until 6pm during business hours Monday through Friday but also some Saturdays and Sundays as well when needed because we want everyone to feel safe about going home late at night knowing someone will always be awake making sure nobody gets hurt while trying

River Park Apartments

If you’re interested in living on the east side of campus, River Park Apartments may be a good fit for you. Located just off I-10, this complex is home to studios and one-bedroom apartments with a range of amenities. The pool area features a hot tub and an outdoor grill, while the fitness center has cardio machines and free weights. There are also tennis courts, volleyball nets, fire pits for gathering around at night (or any time), and plenty of green space for sunning yourself or having a picnic lunch on sunny days.

The shuttle service from River Park to the UA campus runs every 30 minutes from 5:30am-10pm Monday through Friday; it’s also available 24 hours per day on weekends and holidays. The shuttle stops at all three residence halls before taking passengers back to River Park after dark. Additionally, there is another shuttle that will take residents directly to the U of A Medical Center; this runs every 15 minutes during peak hours (7:30am–9pm) but drops down to once every hour after 9pm until 6am daily—so if your final exam starts at 10am but ends at 1pm? You’ll want that early-morning ride!

Sentinel Peak Apartments

Located just off University Boulevard and within walking distance to the University of Arizona, Sentinel Peak Apartments offers students a home that is both spacious and modern. The property includes one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments as well as townhomes, which each come with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

The apartments are located in an ideal location for anyone who wants to have easy access to campus or local shopping centers like Downtown Tucson or La Encantada. They are also just minutes away from many restaurants, bars, museums and shops that will allow you to spend your free time exploring the area or relaxing after class.

All of our community amenities include:

  • Fitness center with cardio equipment
  • Business center with computers and printer available 24 hours a day
  • Onsite laundry facilities
  • Resort-style pool & spa (open Memorial Day through Labor Day)

Sol Y Luna Apartments

Sol Y Luna Apartments is a student housing complex that offers one, two and three-bedroom apartments to students attending the University of Arizona. These units are located within walking distance to campus, which makes it easy to get back and forth between your apartment and classes.

The apartments have a variety of amenities including: central air conditioning; ceiling fans in every bedroom; refrigerators; dishwashers; washer/dryer connections (PLEASE NOTE: coin operated); off street parking available upon availability at $30/month or $25/month if you move early!

Student reviews are very positive with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Google. Students say things like “it’s an amazing place” or “I’ve never lived anywhere better” or “I love my apartment”. The average cost per month for rent is $880 which includes utilities such as electricity and water so there is no need for a separate bill for those items! However, if you do wish to add cable service we can arrange that through Time Warner Cable so don’t hesitate reaching out if this is something that interests you!

These are the apartments near the University of Arizona.

The apartments by the University of Arizona are a great option for students who are looking for an affordable way to live close to campus. All of the apartment complexes below are located in Tucson, which is just under an hour from the main campus by car; however, they all offer convenient access to campus via walking or biking.

  • The Courtyards at North Campbell (pictured) is located less than a mile from the University of Arizona and offers spacious one and two bedroom apartments with hardwood floors and balconies overlooking a courtyard with swimming pool. This complex can be easily accessed by car as well as foot traffic due to its proximity to both Campbell Avenue and Speedway Boulevard—two major thoroughfares that lead directly onto campus!
  • The Gardens at The Ridge provides similar amenities with slightly smaller individual units but still offers spectacular views from its rooftop deck complete with BBQ grills for entertaining friends on weekends!

The University of Arizona is a major part of the Tucson community, so it’s important to understand what kind of housing options are available. These apartments near the UofA offer everything you need and more! Whether you are looking for something with convenience or a quieter lifestyle, there is an option here for everyone.

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