Arizona State Versus University Of Arizona

Arizona State Versus University Of Arizona

Arizona State University and the University of Arizona are two of the largest schools in the state. They are also bitter rivals, with a history that goes back more than 100 years. Over the course of their rivalry, Arizona State has won more games than it’s lost against its opponent from Tucson, but the Wildcats still hold a slight edge overall. The football teams have been playing each other for over 80 years, and basketball has been going on for almost as long – although recently the Sun Devils have been dominating this sport as well.

The history of the two schools

The schools have a lot in common, as well. Both schools were founded in the late 1800s, by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Murphy. He was an educator who was instrumental in creating both universities, as well as creating a high school that would eventually become Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus. He also served as president of both institutions at different points in their histories—and his son later became president of UA!

The rivalry

The Arizona State University Sun Devils and the University of Arizona Wildcats have been meeting each other ever since 1899. The rivalry between these two schools is the oldest in the Pac-12 conference, and it’s also known as the Territorial Cup.

The name “Duel in the Desert” refers to a series of games that were played between 1942 and 1957. In 1958, ASU head coach Frank Kush took over at Arizona and led his team to 3 straight wins over his former team, thus claiming ownership of The Territorial Cup for himself.

In 1961, an I-10 corridor was created that connected Tucson with Phoenix; this new highway allowed fans from both sides to attend games much easier than before. This made it easier for fans from both schools to travel back-and-forth between cities which only increased tensions during game day!

Rivalry games

Arizona State’s biggest rival is the University of Arizona Wildcats. The two teams have played each other in football every year since 1899, except for a break from 1942-1946 due to World War II. In 1915, Arizona State joined the Border Conference which also included the University of Arizona Wildcats. In 1975, when NCAA Division 1A (now called FBS) split into two divisions, with one division made up of larger schools and another division made up of smaller schools, both universities were placed into Division I-A with their respective conferences; the Pac-8 (now Pac12) and WAC respectively.


Recruiting is a big deal for the football program. If you’re interested in playing college football, it’s important to know how both Arizona State and University of Arizona recruit.

Both programs are well-known for recruiting athletes from their respective regions: Arizona State recruits on the west coast and University of Arizona recruits athletes from the south. This means that if you’re an athlete who wants to play college football in either Tempe or Tucson, you will have a chance at getting recruited by one of these two schools.

Arizona State has been known for recruiting players with good character over talent alone because they want them to be well-rounded individuals who do well academically as well as on the field or court (or even track). An example would be Brian Urlacher—even though he didn’t start until his sophomore year, he became an All-American linebacker because he had great grades off the field (and still does!).


In football, Arizona State has won 31 conference championships and 10 national titles. They play their home games at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. The team’s colors are cardinal red and gold, and the mascot is Sparky the Sun Devil.

Arizona State’s biggest rival is University of Arizona Wildcats.


Arizona State has won the last 3 games in a row.

Arizona State has won the last 5 games in a row.

Arizona State has won the last 7 games in a row.

Arizona State has won the last 8 games in a row

University of Arizona and Arizona State are the fiercest rivals in all of college sports

Arizona State University and the University of Arizona are the fiercest rivals in all of college sports. The state’s largest university, ASU boasts a student body that’s nearly twice as large as UA (60,000 versus 33,000). UA is also a public land-grant institution with an undergraduate enrollment more than twice as large as ASU’s (32,000).

However, UA has one major edge over ASU: it is home to the country’s largest football stadium by capacity—a distinction shared with only two other schools—and holds 20 NCAA championships while ASU has won only three titles. In basketball, however, it’s a different story; not only has ASU won seven national championships compared to zero for UA but it also boasts larger venues for both men’s and women’s teams at Wells Fargo Arena and Gammage Auditorium (both seating 12,666).

Arizona State and the University of Arizona are two of the fiercest rivals in all of college sports. Their rivalry goes back to 1912 when they first played each other in football, but it was not until 1929 when they started playing every year as part of an annual series that would eventually become one of the best rivalries in NCAA competition. The schools have faced off over 100 times on the basketball court since 1928 with ASU leading 51-33 against UA at present time (and an overall record of 94-59).

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