Average salary for masters degree in 

What is the average salary for masters degree in human resources professionals?

The average starting salary for an HR manager is $56,000. The average salary for someone with a masters degree in human resources is just over six figures at $96,200. Ironically, though, these figures don’t quantify the biggest benefits of getting your masters in HR


Your goal might be earning your Master’s in Human Resources (HR) to improve your career. However, before you dive into the program and financial commitment that typically follows a master’s degree – you should know that the average salary for a HR department is $79,000 per year. This number might seem surprising, especially if you intend to earn a master’s specifically for a higher paying HR position.

When it comes to acquiring skills and expertise, you have a lot of options. Few things are more valuable in the current economy than an advanced degree. Sure, you can go to school and get a BA or a BS, but you might be surprised to find these programs don’t necessarily hold as much weight as one would think. According to Business Insider, the average graduate earns approximately $50K post-graduation after two years. This is only average. Some business graduate students do better than this. Regardless, there are other degrees that pay much more than this, and can lead to higher paying positions.

Human resources professionals typically obtain an undergraduate degree in human resources. If you earn your degree online, you can begin to look for a job in as little as three years.

Bachelor’s degrees are the standard minimum qualification required when pursuing your career options. However, this is not the case for all disciplines, with many high ranking positions requiring advanced degrees.

As a recent graduate with a Masters degree in Human Resources, I’m often asked what my average annual salary is. Unfortunately, my job doesn’t come with a flashy inbox overflowing with emails displaying glamorous statements like “I want you to be a part of my team – your base salary will be $100k.”

Salaries for a human resource masters degree can vary significantly. The average pay for a Human Resources Administrator with a master’s in Human Resources is $72,000.

The masters in human resources is a master’s degree program designed to prepare students for careers in human resources.  A potential candidate for this degree might be an employee who is seeking advancement within his or her current organization and requires greater mastery of human resources principles. The fact that one does not have to have a Bachelor’s degree to earn a Masters in Human Resources is what drives people to enroll in the program.

Masters degree in human resources can take time and money to complete. Many courses that give you the best salary potential require several years of your life. The average years spent obtaining a degree are 4-7 years. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, for some it’s longer. While you work hard, you may also want to consider the job market for your desired position. Some courses are much easier to get into and allow for quicker employment. Despite all of the difficulties with HR online degrees, the compensation is well worth it for some.

Tableau dives deep into the data to show you what other smart companies are doing with their human resources. You will be presented with the average salary by country, lowest and highest salaries by country, as well as most and least common degrees held by those working in this industry

When you’re applying for new jobs, the more competitive the position the more important it is to have a competitive salary package to ensure that you’re ahead of your competitors.  It’s easy to lose sight of this fact during your job search but if you don’t get specific salary figures beforehand it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what you should be making in order to get your foot in the door.

The average salary for masters degree in human resource management is________. A masters degree in human resources is offered by many colleges, universities and private institutions. The graduate-level program will generally take two years to complete and require you to complete a thesis or capstone project. Earnings are typically higher for those who hold a master’s degree than for those who have a bachelor’s degree alone.

The average salary for a master’s degree in human resources is $70,500. The variance in salary comes from many factors, such as the field of study, level of education, job experience and geographic location (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Average salary for masters degree in 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a master’s degree in human resources can get you a higher salary than an undergraduate degree. The average earnings for a human resource master’s degree earn is $44,493 as well as an average increase in earning of 40%.

A lot of people are interested in finding out how much does one get paid for a human resources master degree. And as important financial decision, it is more than only understandable…

This review will focus on the master’s of Human Resource Management offered by Carrington College. The program can be completed in 15 to 18 months. Students will have a chance to earn their degree entirely online or through an accelerated 9-month on-ground option.

Which degree can earn you the most money? Payscale.com analyzed 15 most popular degrees and salaries based on a recent survey of more than 160,000 people holding at least one college degree.

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