Average salary for public health masters

Research is a staple part of the educational process, and is also a very valuable tool in improving society. In a field where researchers are pushing the boundaries of knowledge to help people understand themselves and their surroundings, it is perhaps unsurprising that there are many career opportunities available within this area. This article provides information on average salaries for public health masters jobs.

The average salary for a public health masters degree is $48,000.

Average salary for public health masters

Public health masters programs are typically multi-disciplinary, combining science and social sciences in addition to rigorous academics to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of public health principles and their impact on improving the overall public well-being. Earning a master’s degree in public health can open up opportunities in policy making, environmental health, clinical practice, research, education or public administration and management.

The field of public health is booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected 10% growth rate by the year 2022. The median salary for an environmental health specialist is $50,420 a year with a range of $34,890-$70,570. To put into perspective what this means: with an average annual salary at $50,000 you could live in cities like Pittsburgh, PA or Indianapolis, IN; make it to the middle class in places like Hartford, CT and Akron, OH; or rent an apartment in Houston or Miami. For those who want to be closer to the beach, however, relocation might be required.

There are no special requirements for a master’s degree in public health. But to do this work effectively, you must be driven and dedicated, and possess excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.

The nursing master’s degree is a hybrid between the master’s degree in nursing and a doctoral program. Students who earn this type of degree usually go on to become nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists or certified registered nurses. While this is primarily a clinical degree, many schools offer some courses in research methodology as well. The average salary for female nurse practitioners is $77,000 and $105,000 for males.

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