Average salary for teacher in california

The average teacher salary in California was $78,960 per year in 2012. Learn a breakdown of average teacher salaries by pupil expenditure inputs and instructional expenditures.

The average salary for a teacher in California is $70,000.

Average salary for teacher in california

The teacher salary in this area is diverse, but the average for teachers varies depending on the level of experience. In addition to the Main Campus, Cal Poly also has several off-campus sites where classes are taught in local high schools, including East San Luis Obispo High School, Los Osos High School and San Luis Obispo High School. Those off-campus sites may offer different salaries than that of a Full-time Instructor on the main campus.

California is home to some of the best public schools in the country, but it’s also among some of the highest paying. That consistent with what we’ve seen across the United States; public school districts often pay their teachers more than private schools, although it can vary from state to state.

As you can see, these statistics are based on averages, and thus the figures are flexible based on a number of factors. Once you know the variables that can affect your earnings as a teacher, you will be in a better position to decide if teaching is right for you. For now, take comfort in that fact that many types of teachers have high salaries, and keep doing what you’re doing by pouring your heart into the teaching profession. You might even find true calling in helping make the world a better place through education.

The position of a middle school teacher can vary depending on the type of school and what types of classes a person teaches.

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