Average salary for teachers in new york

Some people like to flaunt the money they make. Others would rather keep that information private for a variety of reasons. If you’re in the former group, you may already know exactly how much your colleagues make at their jobs, but if you’d rather not divulge such personal details, it’s worth knowing the average teacher salary in New York so you can avoid being blindsided by that uncomfortable question: “How much do you make?

The average salary for teachers in New York is $70,000.

Average salary for teachers in new york

Teachers are very important to society. They are the ones that help mold the youth and provide them with an education. This is a very important job no matter how it’s viewed. The average salary for teachers in NYC is above average salary for teachers nationwide.

For a high school teacher, expect to make around $64,000 a year. Sadly, this number drops off considerably in other areas of the country. Elementary school teachers will get paid about 20% less than their high school counterparts, which means they’re looking at earning about $47,000 per year on average. Although state averages are important to consider when attempting to find an overview of what teachers make in a given area, it’s also desirable to break down how much a teacher can expect to make depending on their experience level and years of teaching under their belt. For example, those who have been teaching for 4-6 years at an elementary school will be earning about $51,000. Conversely, teachers who have been working for 7-12 years are earning on average around $63,000 each year. These numbers are highly dependent on location as well.

Your education and experience will ultimately help determine the range of salary you can expect. There are plenty of opportunities for teachers in a variety of fields and settings, so no matter where you fall on the scale in terms of years of experience, we make it our mission to help you get to where you want to be. Once you sort out how much money you can expect to earn with your education, location and experience, it will be easier for you to search for a job that best fits your needs.

What makes a teacher good? The “Principals’ Salary Survey” conducted annually by NEA Today gives us some insight on how much teachers are being paid from state to state and also what some of the highest compensated school personnel were. Although there is not a specific number that can define exactly what a “good teacher” is, I can give you some information on how much college teachers in America make.

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