Average salary for teachers in ontario

A recent survey done in Canada has discovered that Ontario Teachers make the highest salary. According to a survey conducted by the Ontario, Canada Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the average starting salary for teachers in the country is $38000 CAD while those who are teaching in Ontario are earning $6000 CAD extra. The reason why Ontario has such extra benefits is because on an average, every student of Ontarido receives approximately $10500 CAD.

The average salary for teachers in Ontario is $77,000.

Average salary for teachers in ontario


Ontario teachers who work at the elementary level of education make $88,291 a year while those who are employed to teach at the secondary level generally earn $94,983. These are the current medians based on education and experience. The number of years in service will also affect the annual salary. Teachers who have only completed one year of experience earn an average $68, 130 while those who have 10 years’ experience at teaching earn an average salary of $102,144 contributing to an overall 62 base increase from their starting point .

As you can see, teachers are among the best-paid professionals depending on their position and experience. The average salary for a teacher in Ontario is $91,000 CAD annually.

According to Statistics Canada’s most recently published figures on teachers’ average salaries, from 2012, the lowest average salary for a teacher at a secondary school was in Nova Scotia ($58,763), followed by New Brunswick and Alberta. Ontario, at $71,375, is just slightly higher than the national average of $69,288.00. The highest average salary in Canada was found to be in Yukon Territory, where teachers averaged $86,314.93 that year.

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