Average Sat Score For University Of Maryland

Average Sat Score For University Of Maryland

The University of Maryland is a public research university located in College Park, Maryland. The university was founded in 1856 and is the flagship institution of the University System of Maryland. It has an enrollment of over 41,000 students and offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and 125 graduate degree programs. The university’s main campus is located near the state capital of Annapolis and close to Washington D.C.



If you take a test and your score is 60, the mean of your exam would be 55. This is because it is the average of all scores in an exam. To calculate the mean, you must add up all of the scores for every individual person and then divide them by the total number of students taking that test. The average SAT score at University Of Maryland is 1273, or about 590 per section (verbal and math).

Mid 50%

The middle 50% score range is the score range that is within the middle 50% of the scores on the SAT. The average SAT score for University of Maryland is 1290 and the middle 50% most common score is 1210-1450. This means that half of all students who took the test scored between these two numbers, or within 100 points lower or higher in each direction.

This makes this section an extremely important one when it comes to understanding what a good or bad SAT score looks like. For example, if you know your average GPA at school, then you can use this information as well as other factors such as your extracurricular involvement level and whether or not you are applying for financial aid (or scholarships) to determine whether or not your overall application package will stand out among others in your pool who have similar academic histories and characteristics (the ones we talked about earlier).

25th Percentile

The 25th percentile is the lowest score that 25% of test takers receive. The score represents an important measure of how well a student did on the test compared to others and also serves as a good predictor of how well they will do in college.

If you know your SAT score, this information can help you determine if it’s within range of other scores earned by students who were admitted to Maryland College Park.

75th Percentile

You’re 75th percentile if you score 1450. In this scenario, 25% of individuals who take the SAT score higher than 1450 and 75% score lower. So if you get a 1450 on the SAT, you are in the top quarter of test takers.

The mean score for the University of Maryland is 1321 with a middle 50% score range from 1200-1430.

The average SAT score for University of Maryland is 1321. The middle 50% of scores are between 1200 and 1430, and the 25th to 75th percentile range is from 1200 to 1430.

The SAT score charts below for University of Maryland show the comparison rate between the average SAT scores from the past seven years (2013-2018) and today’s average SAT score at each test level.

The average SAT score at the University of Maryland is 1321, with a middle 50% range from 1200-1430. This is an important statistic to consider when applying to colleges because it can help you determine whether or not your scores are competitive enough for acceptance into the college or university of your choice.

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