Average starting salary for law school graduate

The average law school graduate can expect to take home $69,757 in their first job after passing the bar. That’s just starting salary. What’s more, the median salary for lawyers is significantly higher at $135,000. And here you thought lawyers just make money. Therefore, if you’re considering law school, want to increase your salary potential as a lawyer, or just care about what you might be worth pre-taxes, then keep reading below.

The legal profession has always been – and will continue to be – a very lucrative career path to take. The average starting salary for law graduates from 2010 was $62000 a year, which is a hefty amount especially compared with the average American salary of $50,000. However, this was an increase of 1% over 2009’s average starting salary of $61,300, which represents a small decrease in terms of growth.

Average starting salary for law school graduate

Finding out the average starting salary for law school graduates can be tough. Starting salaries for lawyers vary widely depending on a graduate’s education, experience, location and employer.

The average starting salary for law school graduates was $59,300 in 2014. Law schools in the Northeast, with their higher cost of living, tend to have the highest starting salaries. Law schools in the West pay more than law schools in the South. Why? Because they can. Students who go to law school outside of major cities often find that their higher salaries make up for what they’re missing out on in lifestyle.

As a word of caution, employment numbers for all graduates with a law degree have been on the decline since 2004. The relationship btw. starting salary and type of law school attended appears to be insignificant, yet is worth noting nonetheless.

The debate surrounding the value of attending law school is very nuanced. It isn’t simply that a law school education is not worth the money, or that any potential salary you earn won’t be worth the cost of attending. Rather, because the cost of attending a law school and the financial return on an investment with zero risk are incommensurable, we suggest that you opt for a comparative degree program with less overall tuition and one that returns on every dollar invested if you must attend graduate school.

As stated in the article, working as a lawyer is truly about helping others. In order to succeed in the field, it is important for lawyers to have the proper knowledge, education, and skills. Since it can be difficult to determine which school offers those best suited for a law student’s goals, this article provides a helpful ranking of schools that make it possible for students to learn from strong faculty members in order to practice law at top firms.

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