Average starting salary for mechanical engineer with masters

The manufacturing, petroleum, electrical and chemical plants all need engineers to design and supervise processes. This is a very broad category of professions with many very specific fields such as biochemical engineers and aerospace engineers. The salaries for people in the United States working as mechanical engineers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, regardless of work experience, are listed below.The national average starting salary was $51,669 per year and the highest paid earned $97,000 or more per year.

The Bureau of Labor Statics reports that there were approximately 996,600 mechanical engineers employed in the United States in 2008. Their annual mean wage was $81,690. Alvarado College lists the average yearly salary of a mechanical engineer as $75,280 – $113,590.

Average starting salary for mechanical engineer with masters

Our surveys indicate that the average starting salary in 2012 for a mechanical engineer with a masters degree is $85,000. However, this figure will vary depending on the region of the country you are planning to work in, your area of specialty and the company who decides to hire you. While we cannot give you an exact number, doing some research about the market for mechanical engineers in your area can give you an idea as to what salary range you should expect to receive when starting out. Having any past experience or educational credentials will also have a huge impact on how much money you could potentially earn when first working as a mechanical engineer.

There are varying starting salaries for mechanical engineers with a graduate degree, depending on experience, location and other factors. These numbers give you a pretty good idea of what to expect, though it would be smart to talk to recruiters in your area for more detailed information.

Mechanical engineers with an advanced degree can expect to earn a higher salary. A mechanical engineer with a master’s degree should earn about $98,000 in his or her first year, while an engineer with a doctorate will make about $150,000. Salaries for mechanical engineers vary according to the industry and location in which the salary is earned.

Numerous factors can alter salaries for mechanical engineers, including location, years of experience, and whether or not the mechanical engineer has gone on to earn a Masters degree. Competition for jobs that are most open to mechanical engineers is high, however, allowing the position to be highly lucrative once the job market is saturated.

As you can see, a mechanical engineering career holds many opportunities for advancement and for increasing your earning potential. In fact, the class of 2012 has the potential to earn over $55,000 just one year after graduation. This jump in salary is largely due to recipients of master’s degrees like the one from Stevens being able to command higher starting salaries The outlook for graduates of all levels of mechanical engineering education is bright, but it’s even brighter if you have a master’s degree like those at Stevens College.

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