Average starting salary for teachers in pa

The average starting salary for teachers in Pennsylvania is $41,272 for a 9 month contract and $43,383 for a 12 month contract with 1 to 10 years experience.

Finding the right career can be challenging at times. Teachers work hard and sometimes it can be difficult to know if teaching is the right career path for you. This article covers what starting salaries are for teachers in Pennsylvania and how to get started in your career.

Average starting salary for teachers in pa

An average starting salary for teachers in New Mexico is right around $31,000. The highest-paying geographic area in the state is in and around Albuquerque, where they make around $35,000 on average. The largest school district in New Mexico is the Albuquerque Public School System with 34,000 students and 2,600 teachers. This particular district employs over 27% of all teachers in the state.

As for overall satisfaction and benefits, teachers in Pennsylvania earn about 16 percent less than the national average. Pennsylvania teachers also seem to be uniquely dissatisfied with their salary and benefits packages, with 68 percent overall saying they will likely look for a new job in the next three years.

Teacher salaries vary widely from state to state. For example, based on a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and information gathered by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Connecticut’s average teacher salary of $63,972 is significantly higher than Nebraska’s average teacher salary of $36,742. The national average salary for teachers in 2009 was $47,420.

If you’d like to enter into a career in education as a certified elementary or secondary teacher, it’s important to understand the role of Pennsylvania certification in your future. Are you prepared to meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania State Educator Standards and perform adeptly when you’re in the classroom? Are you ready and willing to invest in your own education throughout the duration of your career? If so, consider adopting the appropriate teaching certification in Pennsylvania and working towards the kind of experiences that will motivate you for a lifetime.

Many people believe that being a teacher is the most noble of professions. However the large class sizes, low wages and large student grades have many people reconsidering their desire to become a teacher .

Regardless of the details, though, teachers can always benefit from continuing to update their skills and share new ideas. As a profession, teaching is highly important and has existed for millennia. While there are many challenges that these educators face each day, they are also well compensated for their efforts. Thanks to dedication, professionalism and a willingness to provide an excellent education to all of the children in their care, teachers will continue to be valued and gain the respect they deserve.

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