Average starting teacher salary in illinois

The average starting teacher salary in Illinois is $38,734, which comes out to be around $17.14 per hour. That is a pretty modest salary that doesn’t increase too much when you break out at the professional level. Now, I know what you’re thinking — surely teaching isn’t that bad of a job? Let’s take a deeper look and see why you might want to consider other options.

Teaching jobs are in demand, especially for those with a Bachelor’s degree! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , graduates can expect to earn about $43,280 per year. Those looking to teach in Illinois will find that salary is competitive at around $37,900. However, as in most states, teachers make more money at the beginning of their career than they do as they move into senior positions. It’s best to start off with an Associate’s degree ($28,800) before going straight into the classroom with a Bachelor’s degree ($43,280).illinois

Average starting teacher salary in illinois


Be aware, though, that there are many factors that can affect your actual starting salary. Your qualifications and experience, the area where you work, and the grade level you teach all play a significant factor in the amount of money you’ll make during those first few years on the job. Those looking to become teachers may want to pursue a graduate degree in their field as well, which could be a relatively smart move if they plan to teach for a long time or even just to supplement an existing teaching salary.

In conclusion, you can expect a salary of around $25,000 to $31,000 per year. Of course the specifics will vary depending on your area and experience, with teaching jobs in smaller communities paying less while schools in more highly-populated areas with larger school districts paying significantly more. The key issues are going to be your education level and your ability to keep up with the latest technology (as it’s likely that you’ll work with students who already have it).

If you are currently deciding between a career as an art teacher or a history teacher, I would encourage you to consider what is most important to you in regard to the job. You might be surprised that an art teacher makes slightly more than a history teacher. The math is pretty easy to figure out, but if you need help finding the information, resources are available such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics or even Glassdoor.

It is commonly known that teachers’ salaries are far from glamorous. These numbers prove it. In the end, the problem isn’t with the specific numbers; rather, they seem to reflect an issue with how teachers are viewed in our culture. The future of education depends on both educators and students, and if we want to raise our students to be truly educated (and not just book-smart), we need to show that the profession of teaching is something important and admirable, not a last resort for underachievers.

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