Average starting teacher salary in new york state

The average starting salary for a teacher in New York State is $47,282. This figure can vary depending on a variety of factors including your education level, the school district you teach for, experience, and if you are in a specialized teaching field.

While there is no standard minimum salary for teachers in New York, secondary-school teachers earned an average of $62,870 annually as of May 2011, according to the New York State Department of Labor. These teachers worked, on average, 43.9 hours per week.

Average starting teacher salary in new york state

There are many factors that go into determining the salary of a teacher, including experience, location, and type of institution. Your average starting salary will therefore vary based on these factors.

If you have been wondering how much a qualified teacher makes in New York, you’re not alone. Many people, who are looking to become teachers, are confused about salaries in their state and elsewhere.

Overall, the average teacher salary in New York is $74,530. Therefore, a college graduate that wants to become a teacher can plan on earning an average salary.

If this list were to be updated several years from now, the NYC Metro area would likely have one of the highest starting teacher salaries on it. Educators are in high demand and many school systems are struggling to find enough qualified candidates for open teaching positions. The process of earning a teaching degree is not easy and can take quite a few years. But with a salary like this, many students should be able to support themselves during those four or more years of education.

It is important to note that your salary will vary based on several factors, including:

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