Average starting teacher salary in nj

Let’s get right to the point – the starting teacher salary in New Jersey is $44,824 . According to data provided by the New Jersey Department of Education , the estimated average salary of a starting public school teacher in New Jersey was $44,982. That is lower than national average. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), teachers in the United States have an average salary of $49,630 per year. That said, teachers in this country do have job security and a great work life balance which must be factored into their overall compensation rating.

Teachers’ salaries vary across the country, but we can attempt to generalize. We took a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report on teacher earnings from 2012. The report gave us a few different numbers that are worth considering when assessing what to expect as an entry-level teacher in New Jersey.

Average starting teacher salary in nj

In 2016, the average starting salary of a teacher in New Jersey is $46,000. This is a 11% decrease since 2009 when the average starting salary of a new teacher was $53,000.

The starting salary for teachers in New Jersey is an estimated $40,000 to $50,000, depending on the district and position. The highest paying district, located in Ewing Township, pays an estimated base salary of $54,000.

In short, teachers in New Jersey earn more than teachers in surrounding states, but more education doesn’t necessarily mean better salary. However, I did find that people with a Master’s degree make a lot more than those with only a Bachelor’s. Perhaps the best way to maximize your earnings is to obtain an additional degree while teaching full time.

All teachers are not created equal. Many factors come into play in determining whether a teacher is going to be successful, including the methodology and approach they use as well as the attitude they bring to the classroom. Teacher salaries determine who is brought into the teaching profession – which in turn impacts student learning. In short: teachers are one of the most important components of any effective school system, and teacher salaries play an enormous role in making sure we have access to the best.

While the salary is low, teachers get a pretty decent pension plan and an average of 16 days paid time off (depending on their specific county). They typically have great benefits as well. In all, it’s a very decent job that not many people can do just for how wretched it is (including myself). I would definitely go back to teaching if the circumstance called for it, but I find the pay lacking.

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