Average starting teacher salary in texas

If you are preparing to become an elementary school teacher, you probably want to know how much you will earn once you get hired. Teacher salaries vary from state to state and district to district. However, there is a common figure that all teachers can expect: an average starting teacher’s salary in Texas.

The average starting teacher salary in Texas is $42,278. Another interesting fact is that the highest paid teachers are the “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” (STEM) teachers.

Average starting teacher salary in texas

Teacher salaries vary widely depending on subject matter, certification and experience. The statewide average salary for Texas teachers is around $51,000 per year, with a high of around $58,000 per year in the Houston and Beaumont-Port Arthur school districts.

The teacher shortage in Texas is a serious issue that will continue to worsen as more teachers retire. Similarly, there are more students entering the public school system with higher education needs every year. This trend makes it necessary for lawmakers to solve the issue of the teacher shortage by providing incentives to recruit and retain quality educators.

If you are considering the teaching profession as a way to achieve financial stability, you need to research any field that interests you. You will want to look for information about certification, salaries and benefits, job growth, and employment prospects in order to find a self-sustaining career. Always conduct background checks before allowing your child near a teacher. Teachers provide an invaluable service to the future of our nation’s children; one that deserves every benefit of the doubt and every possible compensation.

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