Average teacher salary in america

With more people going to college and graduating every year, the job market for teachers has been increasingly competitive. However, the need for teachers is great in the USA. The average teacher salary in America is $52,000 per year but some states pay significantly more than others. Which state pays teachers more?

Assuming you are a full-time teacher in the US, the chart above shows average teacher salary. The average salary of an American public school teacher is $42,000 to $60,000 per annum. That’s between £17,191 and £25,925.

Average teacher salary in america

In the end, the salary of a teacher is dependent on a number of factors including location, experience and education. There are a number of tools that can help show you the potential earnings for a specific position in your area. Although it is by no means a guarantee that these numbers will reflect what you could expect to earn over time. However, it does provide an incredibly valuable tool so that you can understand what the realities of your profession may look like across varying states. Overall, we hope we have helped open up the conversation about what teachers are paid in America, so that everyone has a realistic picture of what this career might look like for them.

A teacher’s salary can vary greatly depending on their level of education and the state they teach in. On average however, teachers salaries are slightly below the national average salary, earning only $39,000 per year. Generally, teachers start out at the lowest educational step, making about $26,000 per year for their first two years. After that, teachers take a test to become certified with most states requiring a bachelor’s degree. This can make a large difference to how much a teacher earns at their job as all but two states offer higher salaries for more experienced teachers. Of the 50 states, Wyoming and Connecticut pay the highest starting salary for teaching positions at an impressive $32,984 per year and $34,171 respectively.

To wrap this up, there are many ways that one can make a living if they choose to become a teacher. While averages will likely differ among the states and even within the districts of a single state, I hope that these numbers might serve as a helpful guide when considering what you want to do with your future.

So what are the benefits of a teaching job?

A number of factors, including the quality of education perks, teacher student ratio and complaints over workload, have been attributed to the disgruntled feelings teachers have towards their pay. Pay is still better than those with similar degree in other sectors. But upwards of 40 percent of teachers consider joining higher education as a better career move.

Now we’re just waiting for Pebble to invent an app that amplifies teachers’ voices and projects them on the walls of our schools. Surely, this would enforce proper pronunciations. Until then, here are a few helpful links to teachers who are getting it right in the classroom:

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