Average teacher salary in arizona with masters degree

If you are someone looking to become a teacher in Arizona, the news is not good. According to a 2017 report from AZ Central, the average salary in Arizona for teachers with a masters degree and 3 years experience is $42,000. This puts Arizona at 47th in the country — even behind Louisiana. There are various reasons for this issue — including teachers being classified as civil servants which makes it more difficult to get rid of bad teachers. It should be noted that most teachers don’t end working until they are 65 making this a 45 year career. So it is important to plan your finances carefully if you choose to become a teacher in the Grand Canyon state.

Teacher salary in Arizona can depend on many factors. In general, the average teacher salary in Arizona is around $40,000 + up to an additional $5,000 with a masters degree.

Average teacher salary in arizona with masters degree

Teachers have multiple ways to see the average teacher salary in arizona with masters degree. Salary websites, including sites that focus on education and if you are a educator for certification or school district, will be able to give you information about what teachers make in your state.

Average Teacher Salary in Arizona by Degree and Subject Area

Becoming a teacher via the Public Education System (PES) will allow you to qualify for loans and grants that can help pay for your education costs. There is nothing wrong with becoming a PES certified teacher but many would argue that if you have the means and desire, it would be far more beneficial to become a private certified teacher. In Arizona, the current average teacher salary is $48,707 which may seem low but this number is on par with others in education such as nurses, police officers and military members. The highest paid teachers in Arizona are the private certified teachers which earn an average of $67,844.

The middle of the latest range is $43,900, which is just above the average starting teacher salary in Arizona. If you’re looking to buy a home and make a long-term commitment to the area where you teach, however, it might be better to go with the highest of the salary ranges. You can also see how your potential salary stacks up against that of people working in other fields in your area by using our interactive salary tool.

The reasons for this salary range are simple: demand among employers and geographic location. In general, the demand for teachers is going up as students become an increasingly diverse population. Also, it appears that Arizona teachers are generally paid less when comparing wages to other large states such as California, New York and Texas.

We think it’s important that teachers get paid fairly for the work they do, no matter how you chart it. And it’s even more important that teachers know what they’re worth, so they can ask for fair compensation when they want to move or find a position in another school district. You know your skills, training, and experience better than anyone else, so don’t be afraid to put them to good use.

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