Average teacher salary in arizona with master’s degree

If you’re considering getting a master’s degree, then you ought to consider Arizona. PayScale did an analysis of the average master’s degree salary in each state and the District of Columbia. According to their data, teachers with a master’s degree get paid more in Arizona than any other state.

Teacher salaries vary depending on the state, district and the level of education. The standard salary for a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree, who is starting their career, is between $33,490 and $39,800. If you have a Master’s Degree or above, you can expect to earn an average of around $130,000 a year as a teacher with an experience of 20-29 years.

Average teacher salary in arizona with master’s degree

On the other hand, half of the states have average teacher salaries that are higher than $56,000. If you teach in New York, California, Massachusetts or any of the other top paying states, you can easily earn over $70,000 annually for full time teaching. Unfortunately for educators in other parts of the country, such as Illinois and Connecticut, you will need to have a master’s degree to break the six figure mark. If a high salary is important to you when choosing your career path, teaching may be a great fit.

Your work as a teacher will be stressful. Your pay won’t reflect it.

Due to the high cost of housing in Pocatello, many teachers choose to live at home with their parents, or to move when they are first hired. The result is that most new teachers have spent little time in the area and do not invest in local housing. When combining the low pay with high cost of living and low teacher retention due to the difficulty of supporting oneself on teaching salary alone, it is easy to see why recruitment and retention continues to be a problem for Idaho school districts.

The teaching field is a challenging one, riddled with duty and responsibility to guide and look out for others. The amount of students in need of education may be more than any teacher could hope to manage, but it’s important to keep them safe and teach them what they need to learn.

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