Average teacher salary in arizona with master’s degree

When you are thinking of the necessary qualities or requirements of an average teacher, Arizona is the first name that comes into your mind. It is a state in US which has gained immense popularity due to its spectacular views, a colorful culture,and a variety of entertainment options to match the needs of all its residents. So, if you are planning to settle here because you want great running weather and entertaining events going on, you need to know what kind of salary an average teacher who possesses a master’s degree is getting in Arizona.

Arizona teachers are experiencing some of the highest rates of change in average salaries nationwide. As a teacher, you may be wondering how much you will make this upcoming academic year. The latest stats are revealing the average salaries for teachers in Arizona with a master’s degree. See what the numbers tell us.degree

Average teacher salary in arizona with master’s degree

The average teacher salary for a teacher with a master’s degree in Arizona is $52,127. This amount is below the national average for teachers and can be attributed to low income areas in the state.

On average, teachers in Arizona make $38K/year with a bachelor’s degree. However, if they have a master’s degree, they can see this number jump to $49K/year (a difference of $11K/year). At the top end, teachers with a doctorate can make over $60K/year (about 68% more than the average teacher). That said, the median salary for teachers in Arizona is currently around $42K/year (or about $21.80 per hour), which reflects an increase of around $6K from last year.

The average teacher salary in Arizona is varies from year to year with factors including: teacher experience, teaching position, and certification. Montana does not raise their teachers salaries after the first ten years. The highest teaching salaries are still in New York and are more than double the average for all states.

The master’s degree in education not only makes you a better candidate for starting your teaching career, but will also increase your overall value as a teacher and an employee. You’ll be able to challenge students more and get them interested in a subject matter, which will undoubtedly increase their performance in the class.

Arizona teachers continue to deal with low pay and a lack of respect that permeates throughout the state. This has not affected Arizona teacher demand, though, because most teachers that come to Arizona know what they’re getting into. Basically, they understand what they are up against in the state. However, teachers continue to leave the state at higher rates than they arrive. The fact is clear: Arizona treats its teachers very poorly and all indications point to this continuing into the foreseeable future.

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