Average teacher salary in atlanta

The average teacher salary in Atlanta is $53,670. This makes it fairly easy for teachers to live among the city’s diverse and growing population of young professionals. While the cost of living in Atlanta can be more expensive than other southeastern cities, some teachers are able to live quite comfortably on their salaries while also having a generous amount they can save and spend on other items. The cost of housing in Atlanta is actually one of the lowest compared to other major metro areas.

Average teacher salary in Atlanta, GA is $58,000. Average teacher salary in Atlanta metropolitan area is $58,000. In addition to average teacher salary, there are approximately 41,680 people currently employed as teachers in Atlanta.atlanta

Average teacher salary in atlanta

The average teacher salary in Atlanta is $52,000. The entry-level position, a beginning teacher, earns about $37,000. Experienced teachers who have been teaching for eight to ten years make around $51,000. Those who have been teaching for nearly twenty years earn about $57,000. The top salary of a veteran teacher is around $64,000.

In conclusion, the average teacher salary in Atlanta is $48,229. The top ten percent of teachers in Atlanta earn $70,745 or more annually while the bottom ten percent are earning $30,841 or less per year.

Overall, teaching seems like a rewarding field. Once you get a few years under your belt, you can make a middle-class income without having to attend graduate school. The schedule is flexible, and you can plan your vacations around formal holidays with the kids. Teaching in Georgia comes with other perks as well. In 2014, Georgia landed the

Being a teacher is one of the biggest commitments in life because you are shaping the future generation. So if you wish to go for this job, you should take that commitment very seriously and strive to be the best teacher possible.

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