Average teacher salary in california

You’re probably coming here looking for an exact answer on how much an average teacher in California gets paid. Unfortunately, that’s not really one statistic teachers have. In fact, that makes it very hard to look up the salaries of teachers in California. But don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you with all the information you need.

The average salary for a teacher in CA is $66,228 per year. It’s no surprise that Californians are highly educated.  With local universities such as UCLA and UC Berkeley, it’s no wonder there are plenty of recent grads looking for work. This also means there are lots of teachers who continually renew their teaching certifications and have been teaching for many years.

Average teacher salary in california

California has a relatively high average teacher salary compared to the rest of the nation, but California also has some of the highest housing costs in the U.S., which means that the state is not always friendly to budget-conscious teachers. For example, California’s median home value was $433,300 as of 2013, which might be out of reach if you are just starting out and need flexibility in your locality. Therefore, though California offers a high base salary for beginning teachers, it may not be sustainable for someone with a family to raise on that salary alone in certain areas.

Teachers are important and many in California make less than what is considered fair and realistic. With rising rent, teachers must rely on roommates or live with their parents to afford living in some areas of California. Things such as salary and how teachers are supported financially need to be worked out in order to retain quality teachers. Teachers will continue to increase their education while getting paid what they deserve this way the quality will remain high and stay consistent throughout the state.

Teachers who do not have a background in education can apply for the Alternative Teaching Credential Program, which involves completing a master’s degree along with work experience. In this program, teachers are able to earn an annual salary of about $50,000 upon completion.

Every teacher on this list knows what it is like to be underpaid. But every teacher on this list also knows the good feeling that comes with helping young minds become educated and productive members of society. And for that, all teachers deserve a round of applause!

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