Average teacher salary in chicago public schools

As a teacher, you know that there’s never enough money in education. Fortunately, the government has found ways to help. For example, the DC Teacher Salary Supplement and Out-of-Field Supplement expands teaching opportunities by paying teachers more labor market competitive salaries.

The average teacher salary in Chicago is $70,500 annually. Although there are more male teachers (67%) than female teachers in the public school system, the average teacher salary for both groups is roughly the same.

Average teacher salary in chicago public schools

Based on our research, the average Chicago public school teachers’ salary is $74,000. This is well below the average national salary of $57,660 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this average salary also included teachers who only worked part time and substitute teachers. When looking solely at full-time teachers that were not substitutes, Chicago public school teachers make an average salary of $74,900.

The average elementary public school teacher salary in Chicago is $56,503 with an average of $67,014. Elementary school teachers usually start out making around $38,080 per year. The salary for a beginning high school teacher hovers at about $35,201 for the first year. Advancing to a position as a high school chemistry teacher or becoming a high school physics teacher can pay between $52,943 and $63,000 per year.

Although the average teacher salary in Chicago is $81,000, there are some factors that impact teachers’ salary differently. The average teacher salary in Chicago has remained relatively flat over the past decade while the economy and cost of living have increased. With a new teachers contract recently reached between CPS and CTU and increased efficiencies to the district, this number may continue to rise. Time will tell if these trends hold and hopefully for CPS teachers, it does.

While many students believe that teachers are underpaid for the work that they do, the reality of the salary situation has proven to be a bit more complex than that. The pay varies depending on factors such as erstwhile education level and field, years of experience, subjective teaching performance, and so forth. The article above provides some insight into the hard numbers behind teacher salaries in the Chicago area.

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