Average teacher salary in chicago public schools

The best way to answer this question is to look at the facts. State, county, and district data resources such as US census are all excellent places to find credible data on school teacher pay. The annual salary range for school teachers in Chicago schools is a reasonable $60-90k range depending on years of experience and particular teaching roles.

Chicago public school teachers are some of the best and hardest working professionals in the world. In fact, they are dedicated to educating their students so much that they will come to work even when they’re sick.

Average teacher salary in chicago public schools

It is important to note that the average teacher salary in Chicago Public Schools includes only the base pay received by teachers. It does not include additional income a teacher may have received, such as merit pay or other bonuses. Furthermore, not all teachers work a full school year; typically 180 days with 180 days off between each school year. A teacher’s average annual salary can vary significantly based on how many years of experience working for CPS they have.

The teachers in Chicago Public School tend to be slightly younger than those in the Chicago Public Schools. The average age of teachers in this district is roughly 41.5 years old.  While most are certified and have a high school diploma at minimum, it may be beneficial to find out what percentage hold graduate degrees and how many have completed more than three years of college coursework. For students, this information will help them select which schools they may want to look into attending after graduating from high school.

Conclusion:You are now prepared to go back to school, knowing exactly how much you should be earning. You can use this information to discuss a raise early on, or you can use it when negotiating your salary in the future. Knowing is half the battle!

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