Average teacher salary in chicago

The Average teacher salary in chicago is $57,857. Though not as much as in California or New york, it is still a very good salary especially if you consider the fact that you don’t have to pay for rent or any other bills. Apart from the city itself Chicago schools offer great incentives and help that will help you cut even more of your expenses.

The average salary for a teacher in the Chicago area is between $54,000 and $62,000. Crain’s points out that much of that money is dependent on education level, which means a beginning teacher will be paid less than $40,000.

Average teacher salary in chicago

Chicago is a tremendous city of culture, history, and innovation. It is also home to some of the best schools in the country. With so many great opportunities surrounding students in Chicago, it’s no wonder that Teachers are in such high demand. The average teacher salary varies based on the school district you choose but; the average starting teacher salary is around $32000.

Teachers in Chicago are paid well. There is an average teacher salary of $69,000 and the highest city-wide teacher salary is $113,000. Source: Salary Expert (2014) http://www.salaryexpert.com/salary/Chicago

Salaries for teachers in Chicago vary significantly by experience. The more years of experience a teacher has, the higher his or her salary tends to be. This makes sense, as teachers with more experience are likely to have more skills and training. All together, this data shows that the average teacher in Chicago can expect to make a little less than $60 thousand dollars per year on average.

It is important to consider the intangible benefits of a teaching job when comparing salaries in order to truly understand if a particular position will make you happy.

Teaching in Illinois is not too shabby in the pay department, but obviously the cost of living there is high, so that plays a factor.

Although the report does not go into detail about why this salary increase happened, it does confirm that it did. Chicago Fire Season 8 will be coming out in the fall.

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