Average teacher salary in denver

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (see table I), the average public school teacher salary in Denver, Colorado is $46,580. In addition to that, the average public school teacher salary for the state of Colorado is $46,540. The state of Colorado covers 121 schools and 4 districts. If you need help figuring out your teacher salary with this information, refer back to my post on how much does a teacher make a year .

The average teacher salary in Denver is $54,495. This is lower than the national average of $44,554. In order to accommodate the rising cost of living in Denver and keep teachers in the greater Denver area, many schools offer additional training opportunities.

Average teacher salary in denver

This is rough mathematician estimate for salaries for teachers in Denver. Let’s hope for more money soon!

The best way to find out how much a teacher makes in Denver is to speak to the local district. In Denver, public schools are graded by grade level, with each school receiving a rating of ‘A’ through ‘F’. Some schools are considered “Focus” schools which means they have been identified by their district as having low test scores and high drop-out rates. Focus schools receive additional funding a€” funding that could be used in the classroom but may go toward other things such as salary for a new math teacher.

Denver ranks high on the list of teacher salaries, but other factors like the cost of living, taxes, and insurance can bring some cities soaring into the lead.

Clearly, Denver teachers earn less than the national average, especially when you control for cost of housing. The largest discrepancy is in elementary schools (elementary teachers make about $4,000 less than their counterparts around the country), and costs continue to rise in terms of housing or living expenses in a city like Denver.

The bottom line is that teachers are the most important people in a child’s life. The future of this country depends on how well those children are educated. When it comes to determining how a school district is performing, it is not test scores but the teacher salaries that matter the most.

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