Average teacher salary in florida

The following statistics and information are provided by the Florida Department of Education, Research and Statistical Services Division. They have been compiled to provide an overview of the average teacher salary in Florida.

While there are many things to take into consideration when considering an area of residence, such as cost of living and quality of hospitals, one thing you may not know is how much teachers make. Average teacher pay varies drastically state by state, but some states like Florida have a high average salary for teaching professionals.

Average teacher salary in florida

The average teacher salary in Florida is $47,398. This is an increase from $45,556 in 2009 and $41,967 in 2004. As with many other states, there is a wide range of minimum and maximum salaries for teachers in Florida. Some well-paid teachers may earn up to $84,000 a year while others earn well below the median salary.

The challenging part about calculating a teacher’s total compensation is whether or not to include external factors, such as benefits, which can greatly affect how much a teacher makes. The thing is, there are no definitive answers, especially with something as complex as a teacher’s salary and benefits package. What may work well for one teacher may not work well for another. If a school district can’t offer more money to its teachers then it will have to compensate them in other ways if they want to keep the best talent there.

Entry-level teacher salaries are generally lower than the national average for most other occupations, but the wide range can greatly impact your take-home pay.

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