Average teacher salary in hawaii

The average teacher salary for teachers in Hawaii is $74,520. Alaska is just above Hawaii with an average salary of $75,716. The worst paying state for teachers is Oklahoma, where the mean average income of a teacher is $42,113 which is less than the mean income of teachers employed by state level governments throughout the country.

The average teacher salary in Hawaii (HI) is $51,185. That’s 20 percent lower than Hawaii’s state average income of $64,810, but more than the national average of $48,780. If you’re looking for a place with a good cost of living and lots of sunshine, you should seriously consider moving to the Aloha State.

Average teacher salary in hawaii

After we consider all relevant information, the average teacher salary in Hawaii is $70,000. We feel confident in our calculation, though there may be other areas of a teachers salary such as bonus and benefits that are not covered by this calculation. With that said, you now know your answer to, “What is the average teacher salary in Hawaii?” If you are interested in a more detailed breakdown of each state, the source documents are below:

Hawaii, one of the most beautiful states in our country, and the paradise is also one of the best places for a teacher to work. The pay is rather average for the residents but it is the job conditions that make a teacher want to stay in Hawaii. Many citizens run and frequent coffee houses, due to the weather. With coffee shops offering wonderful incentives like gift cards and discounts, Hawaii teachers are able to refocus their efforts on their students instead of worrying about paying for a cup of joe.

Out of all the states in the country, Hawaii pays their teachers the most. Hawaii also enjoys one of the lowest rates of teacher turnover in the country. Hawaii’s commitment to education should be commended.

On average, teachers earn about $51,000 a year, but their exact salary can vary quite a bit. The best-paid teachers in the USA teach at private schools, while those who teach at elementary schools earn the least.

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