Average teacher salary in minnesota

The results are in: the average teacher salary in Minnesota is $57,160. When you batch out administrivia like credentials, years of experience and educational attainment, the average teacher salary jumps to $76,878. That’s over $25,000 higher than the state average!

Average teacher salary in Minnesota is $50,000. Salaries are based on teacher experience and education level. Classroom teachers make an average of $48,245 per year while non-classroom teachers make an average of $54,200 annually.

There can be no doubt that teaching has become a more and more challenging job over the last decade. Teachers are required to do more with less and must demonstrate higher levels of competence, all while being subjected to the scrutiny of increasingly demanding parents, politicians and citizens. Changing conditions notwithstanding, the reality is that teachers need to make sure they are aware of what to expect in a given state or district before making a commitment. PayScale’s data on Minnesota teacher salaries is an excellent place for aspiring teachers to begin their search for new or potential careers.

Average teacher salary in minnesota

Somewhere between $45,000 and $59,000 a year could be spent on better paying teachers. To improve the educational system one must begin to look at where the budget is going. Are we paying teachers too much or is our government not spending enough? All in all, teachers are underpaid and need to pay more, so that they can feel appreciated and motivated to provide a solid education to the students of Minnesota.

Whether you are a new college graduate fresh out of school, or a mid-career teacher searching for a new opportunity, the job market for teachers can be rather complicated. It consists of many factors such as local cost of living, government regulations and student population. On top of all that, some states have better educational programs than others which can make your job search more challenging. Here at BrightTiger we decided to explore which states offer the highest and lowest compensation for teachers by analyzing the most recent data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In an increasingly digital world, teachers will need to embrace new trends to provide the most effective learning environment for their students. New digital textbooks are one of the first steps in that direction.

There is a stark difference between the lowest 10th percentile and highest 10th percentile in earnings, as the chart above shows. Even when examining the top 90th percentile and comparing it to the bottom 10th percentile of teachers, there are still significant discrepancies between average teacher salary in minnesota. While this reflects the plight of many states and jurisdictions across the nation, there is hope that some progress can be made to improve upon this situation.

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The average teacher salary in Minnesota is $57,064. The highest salary level recorded was $71,913 at the 90th percentile and the lowest recorded salary was $11,217 at the 10th percentile.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a middle school teacher in Minnesota is $54,540.

Hopefully, this information was helpful to you. It is our hope that we’ve simplified some of the more complicated pieces of the teaching equation, and allowed teachers a clearer picture of what they can earn right out of the gate.

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