Average teacher salary in missouri

In short, teacher salaries in the state of Missouri vary based on their level of education and their years spent teaching. While Missouri does not have complete control over teacher salaries, it does adopt its budget with the idea that there will be an increase in teacher pay. The survey has revealed that this state is a ‘mixed’ bag when it comes to teachers’ salaries. In terms of quality of life, the average salary for teachers in Missouri ranks 32nd in comparison to all other states –certainly nothing to write home about. However, compared to the cost of living and housing prices in Missouri, the total package for teachers actually isn’t that bad of a deal.

Public schools in Missouri spend the least per student on average, and there is the most variance in salaries. While St. Louis city and Kansas City spend more than any other districts, the difference (about $1,300) is not that great considering they see the lowest salaries. The state average teacher salary is quite low at just over $50,000 which ranks near the bottom of comparable states. After looking at these numbers it’s not hard to understand why teachers are asking for a pay raise.

The average teacher salary for Mo is $48,852 according to the BLS. This is a pretty low number, ranking Mo 44th out of 50 states in the country.

Average salaries for teachers vary widely by state. Salaries also tend to be higher at private schools, especially religious ones, and at schools in wealthier communities.

The debate of teacher salaries has been a hot topic for decades and will likely continue to be for many more years. With all of the budget cuts, it can be hard for schools to find ways to fund salaries, especially when it seems like teachers are spending too much money on supplies for the classroom. Although a job in teaching does not provide the highest salary out there, a career in education is still very worthwhile, for one simple reason: Teachers touch lives. They affect the future of our children and allow them to grow up educated and ready to take on the world. It is a career that is undoubtedly important, and while its pay may not always reflect that importance, teachers nonetheless do their jobs well with passion and purpose.

No two teachers’ salaries are exactly alike. But most teachers rely on the same kinds of experiences for the biggest raises.

The average teacher salary will vary by state. All figures are based on 2014 data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). In 2014, the average starting salary for teachers in Missouri was $31,284 for a Missouri public school teacher. The average overall salary for all Missouri public school employees was $49,030 in 2014.

Average teacher salary in missouri

Teachers’ salaries in Missouri range from $33,000 to $135,000 per year for a variety of experience and education levels.

It is also important to note that local school districts may differ in terms of what they offer and the types of retirement plans that are available for their teachers. By exploring the local educational opportunities, you will be able to find a teaching position that provides you with the perks and benefits that meet your specific needs.

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