Average teacher salary in nebraska

Here you have a tool to research the Average Teacher Salary in Nebraska. This research is based on the survey of 30,000 profiles for this state.

The average teacher salary in Nebraska is $55,176 which is lower than the national average teacher salary of $55,427. The highest paid teachers in Nebraska are earning approximately $99,410 and the lowest paid teachers in Nebraska are earning approximately $34,190

The state of Nebraska has almost 90 school districts, with nearly all of them employing a mixture of administrators, teachers, and support staff. Considering this diversity and incidence, the average teacher salary in Nebraska is not easy to define. This is not the case for other states – some states have just one or two school districts, making a state-wide average salary easy to identify. However, the state average of teachers in Nebraska is $42,660. The national average of all teachers in the US is more than $56,000 per year.

The average teacher salary in Nebraska is $49,720.

The teacher’s salary in the state of Nebraska ranges from $30,578 to $58,539 annually. This estimate is based upon 3 teachers salary data points provided by TES. To calculate estimate you can make use of our free salary calculator. Make sure to take all factors into account when applying for a job in this state and remember that cost of living is generally cheaper than larger states like California or New York

Average teacher salary in nebraska

Teachers in Nebraska are paid just above average salaries, but with their benefits package and the high cost of living in the state, teachers here do not actually make all that much per hour.

If you’re an aspiring educator, make sure to take a look at the information we included above. It’s only a snapshot of what your salary might look like as a teacher in Nebraska, but hopefully it’s been a helpful guide for your career search.

On average, teachers in Nebraska make $42,580 per year. This is higher than the national average of $44,040 per year.

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