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beauty universities

Why Choose CNCI Kolkata

Why CNCI Kolkata:

  • CNCI Kolkata is well connected to eastern, western and central parts of India by road and to the rest of the world by Air.
  • The institute is situated in a wonderful location that has been a world famous tourist destination since British days and still famous with tourists all over the world.
  • Students can afford to stay at reasonable hotels or rent rooms near the institute as suitable accommodation is available within half kilometers of the campus area due to being located in a posh locality like Park Street which also has many shopping hubs nearby so it will not be difficult for students to find their own place which they can call home during their stay at CNCI Kolkata .
  • The cosmopolitan culture of this city has always been most friendly towards people from all corners of India & abroad, hence promoting an international ambience when learning about networking skills and make-up techniques & hair dressing that will be taught in our Beauty Therapy course .

Why Choose CNCI Kolkata?

CNCI Kolkata is one of the top beauty schools in Kolkata and has also been ranked as one of the best cosmetology institutes in Kolkata. We are also among the best cosmetology colleges in India. Our goal is to guide our students towards a successful career in their chosen field by providing them with quality education and training, which will prepare them to pass state licensing exams and become invaluable assets in the beauty industry. The courses provided at CNCI include Hair Styling, Skin Aesthetics, Makeup Artist Course, Nail Art Course and many more.

As one of the leading beauty universities in India, CNCI has partnered with some of the largest hair & skin care brands as well as major salons & spas that provide students with hands-on experience during their coursework. This enables our students to get exposure to real-world experience before they enter their field after graduation. At CNCI we pride ourselves on being a student-centered organization that ensures all our students receive the highest level of education and training required for today’s highly competitive market.

1. A place to learn and explore new things.

  • A place to learn and explore new things: CNCI Kolkata is finding a place in the hearts of many students. Be it the variety of different courses that they offer or their highly active placement cell, CNCI Kolkata is leading the list when it comes to the best beauty universities in India. The education system is designed by experts, keeping in mind the modern world’s needs and trends. The apprenticeship programs that they offer are also known for helping students understand how the actual industry works.
  • Trustworthy: This beauty university has earned its name over time through hard work and dedication. Students from all over India are enrolling in this university with great hope and motivation to succeed in their career goals. No other beauty university offers so much practical knowledge when compared to CNCI Kolkata.
  • Internship opportunities: The best part about this university is that there are various industrial placements provided by them throughout the year for their students, who can get valuable experience from these internships during their course work itself, making them ready for facing real life challenges once they graduate!

2. Courses designed by experts

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3. Apprenticeship and internship programs

To help you apply what you learn in class to the real world, many beauty schools offer apprenticeship and internship programs. These programs allow you to work under beauty professionals who have years of experience in the industry, and provide valuable hands-on experience that can’t be replicated in a textbook. Through these programs, you’ll be able to practice your skills on real clients with real issues, learn more about the various beauty industries from experts’ perspectives, and get a sense of what it will be like when you graduate.

Our internships take place at our fully operational salon, school and spa facilities, where students are given opportunities as well as responsibilities. We understand that not every student learns in the same way so we give every intern a variety of tasks designed to help them grow professionally and personally.

As an intern or apprentice, you will:

  • Learn how to work in teams with other students
  • Learn how to work under pressure while providing quality services
  • Meet new people through networking events

Top 5 Reasons to Join Cosmetology Courses in Kolkata

  • Cosmetology courses are interesting
  • Cosmetology courses fetch higher salaries and growth opportunities
  • Cosmetology courses provide a promising career
  • Cosmetology courses are practical and interesting
  • Cosmetology courses give you a chance to work with celebrities

1. Cosmetology courses offer a promising career

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology, the first step is to find out what courses are available for you. You’ll likely have many options to choose from, so it’s important to learn about the different types of courses and what specialized training they offer.

Cosmetology courses teach students how to cut, highlight and style hair. They also teach them how to apply makeup and provide nail care services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is a growing demand for skilled cosmetologists across the country because there are more job openings each year than graduates who are trained in these areas. This means that cosmetologists have great job satisfaction and can make a good living doing what they love most—helping people look their best!

2. Cosmetology courses are practical and interesting

  • Cosmetology courses are practical and interesting

Cosmetology, a study of beauty treatment, is one of the most popular programs in CNCI. It covers almost every aspect related to beauty treatments like hair styling, skin care, manicures, cosmetics application etc. Thanks to the trend of spending huge amounts on beauty treatments and products, cosmetology courses are both practical and lucrative. So if you have flair for fashion and beauty, go for it! You can choose from several cosmetology courses according to your interests with varying duration options ranging from certificate course in cosmetology or hair dressing (1 year) to PG Diploma (3 years).

3. Cosmetology courses fetch higher salaries and growth opportunities

A cosmetology course fetch higher salaries and growth opportunities for a fresher, who commits for an early career. The salary of a beauty therapist is high as compared to other courses. Individuals with the right kind of knowledge and skill have the opportunity to work in popular salons, spas, hotels, cruise ships and more.

4. Cosmetology courses give you a chance to work with celebrities

We all have that one celebrity who is our absolute favorite. We love their hair and makeup, their style and fashion sense. We watch them in movies and TV shows, and we follow them on social media. That’s why the thought of working with a celebrity can be so exciting! If you’re thinking about attending beauty school, consider how fun it could be to work with your favorite celebrity!

You never know which famous people you might meet at a cosmetology course. Some celebrities choose to keep up with trends through beauty courses, while others visit to get a new look before they start filming a movie or appear on television. With the right skillset and enough confidence in your abilities, you just might get an opportunity to work with some of your favorite celebrities!

5. Cosmetologist is a creative field with scope for innovation

Cosmetology is a creative field and as a cosmetologist, you will be able to learn some of the latest techniques in the field and experiment with various products. You will also have the opportunity to try out new techniques, which you yourself can develop.

This career offers you the scope to think out of the box and come up with new ideas and concepts that not just impress your clients but also make your work stand out from others.

Top beauty university in Kolkata

It is important to choose the right beauty university to make your mark in the industry. CNCI Kolkata is undoubtedly one of the top-ranking beauty universities in India. The institute provides an excellent platform for students to make a career in cosmetology. It is known for its quality courses, knowledgeable faculty and good placement record.

The city of Kolkata has emerged as a major centre for beauty education with many renowned beauty institutes including CNCI Kolkata located here. The cosmetology course at CNCI is well known for its professional approach and practical experience it provides its students.

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