Best Dance Schools In The World

Best Dance Schools In The World

As a dancer, I’ve been to my fair share of dance schools. Some are amazing, some are not so great. In this article I’m going to give you a look at some of the best dance schools around the world and how they stack up against each other.

Australian Ballet School

The Australian Ballet School is located in Melbourne, Australia and provides students with a high-quality education. Students are taught by world-class choreographers and are given the opportunity to work with famous dancers from the Australian Ballet and other international ballet companies. Students also have the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences at events such as the National Festival of Australian Ballet (NFAB), which has been running since 1971.

The NFAB student program includes workshops where students get experience working together, as well as opportunities for solo performances or collaborations with faculty members from other countries — all under the guidance of experienced teachers who know what it takes for young dancers to succeed in this competitive industry.

The Bolshoi Academy

The Bolshoi Academy is a school for professional ballet dancers. It has a high reputation, and it is located in Moscow, Russia. The school is part of the Bolshoi Ballet. The academy has a good reputation for training professional dancers who are interested in pursuing careers as performers or teachers.

The Royal Ballet School

The Royal Ballet School, founded in 1956 and located in London, is one of the world’s foremost dance schools. Students are taught by professional dancers who have spent years training at some of the best ballet schools in the world before becoming teachers themselves. The school is also home to many former students who have gone on to become famous dancers and choreographers themselves.

A typical day at The Royal Ballet School begins with a 90-minute class where students learn a variety of techniques including pliés (a type of bending) and grand battements (a jumping movement). At lunchtime they will eat together while discussing their progress on their current assignment or simply having fun with friends from other classes.

Joffrey Ballet School

If you want to study with the best in the world, it only makes sense that you should go to one of their schools. Joffrey Ballet School was founded in 1956 by Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino. It is located in New York City, but also has campuses across the United States. The school’s academic program is rigorous, offering general classes as well as courses that focus on dance technique and theory. The professional program offers intensive training for dancers looking to pursue a career in ballet or modern dance.

The Joffrey Ballet School emphasizes community outreach through its relationship with local schools and non-profit organizations such as Boys & Girls Club of America. These efforts help promote diversity among students while simultaneously providing valuable opportunities for collaboration between artists from different disciplines (such as music composition).

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is a major American ballet company, founded in 1958 by choreographer Alvin Ailey. It is known for its extensive work in modern dance, but also for being one of the first companies to incorporate popular music into its dances. The company is based in New York City, with performances touring nationally and internationally.

The company offers classes for all ages and levels of experience, including beginning classes as well as professional training courses that can lead to careers with this famous dance organization or others like it. They regularly offer workshops and summer intensives where students can take classes while studying abroad at sites around the globe such as Paris or London (they’ve even taught classes on cruise ships).

In addition to these educational opportunities within their own institution, they also have a pre-professional program which allows dancers who have not yet been accepted into the school but wish to audition at some point down the road an opportunity to train beforehand so that when their time comes they’ll be ready!

John Cranko Ballet School

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the John Cranko School is a part of Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. The school was founded in 2005 and named after the German ballet dancer John Cranko.

Boston Ballet School

Boston Ballet School (BBS) is a pre-professional school for dance located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a member of the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD). BBS has been accredited by the National Association of Schools since 1965 and is considered to be the oldest school of its kind in the United States.

The institution was founded in 1934 as the Boston Conservatory of Music with three classes offered: ballet, modern dance and folk dance. The name was changed to Boston Conservatory Dance Theater in 1996 before becoming known as Boston Ballet School in 1999.

Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, Germany (HfMT)

  • Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (HfMT) was founded in 1965.
  • The university is known for its dance programs that are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • The university’s ballet program is one of the best in Europe, offering courses such as Ballet Technique I – V, Classical Ballet I – III and Ballet Composition. It also offers a variety of contemporary dance classes including Urban Contemporary Dance 1-3, Contact Improvisation 1-2, Improvisation for Performance 1-2 and Body Dynamics: Intermediate Contemporary Dance 3. HfMT even has jazz courses with options like Jazz Combination 2 – 3 or Jazz Vocals 2 – 4.

Great dance schools are located around the world.

The world of dance is a vast one, with many styles and schools to choose from. If you’re looking for the best dance school in the world, here are some tips.

If you want to take classes with professionals who have worked on Broadway shows and toured around the world, look no further than New York City.

But if it’s somewhere else that tickles your fancy, there are plenty of options! In London, dancers can spend their days studying at the Royal Ballet School or The Place2Be Dance Studio; in Paris they may enroll at La Fémis or L’École de Danse du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse; in Buenos Aires perhaps you would like to try out Atelier de Danse de Buenos Aires? Or maybe even Sydney might be for you? There are so many schools around the globe that offer top-notch training—and all of them teach students how to express themselves through movement. You just have to decide which one suits your needs best!

One thing all these schools have in common (besides offering excellent instruction) is that they provide talented young dancers with an opportunity to perform alongside other artists from different cultures while learning new skills along the way!

The schools in our list are known for their high standards and quality of education. They take students from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: they have produced some of the most well-known dancers in the world.

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