best european architecture schools

best european architecture schools

Oxford Brookes School of Architecture

There are a number of reasons why the architectural program at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture is considered one of the best in Europe. It’s not only ranked among the top architecture schools in the UK, but it has also been listed for its excellence at many international architecture awards.

The school boasts some fascinating history dating back to 1848, when it was formed as a private school by apprenticeship only. The former students were known as Brookes Scholars until 2011, when they won university status and became known as Oxford Brookes University. Today, Oxford Brookes enrols over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students who come from all over the world to attend their programs in architecture design and management. Those who attend are taught by 12 professors on full-time contracts including renowned experts who have built up their reputations with numerous awards and publications, such as Sir Richard Rogers (the architect of London’s Paddington Station), David Chipperfield (the architect behind Google headquarters), Jean Nouvel (the architect behind Shanghai Tower), and Frank Gehry (a modernist award-winner).

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II has a strong reputation in Europe. It is located in Naples, Italy and was founded in 1224. Tuition is on the low side at only €802 per year, making it an affordable Italian option for students.

Notable alumni: Nicola Cabibbo (President of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences), Giambattista Vico (philosopher and political theorist)


École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse

As one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in France, ENSAT deserves a mention for its history alone. Famous alumni include Jean Nouvel, Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Dominique Perrault.

The school offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in architecture. The undergraduate program lasts three years, followed by two years at the master’s level. The school has a strong emphasis on sustainable design—all students are required to take a course on the topic before advancing to their third year.

The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Location: London, UK

Tuition fees: £27,000 (UK/EU), £37,500 (International)

Facilities: The school’s facilities are spread across five London locations and include a design workshop, digital laboratory with 3D printing facilities, Northampton Square Library and an architectural degree show gallery.

Research themes: Bartlett staff and students are involved in research that covers many disciplines across the built environment. Research is grouped into six main themes: Architecture & Cities; Design Computing; Environment & Energy; Materials & Construction; Performance & Culture; and Technology & Practice.

Students: 1,300+ postgraduate students from 90 countries.

Programs offered: MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2), MArch Architecture Managment, MPhil/PhD. There are also a range of post-professional courses available including MA Architecture Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies and MA Building Conservation Management.

Reputation: The Bartlett School of Architecture is consistently ranked as one of the top architecture schools in the world for both its undergraduate (top 5) and graduate programs (top 3).

Royal College of Art

Achieving a place in one of the Royal College of Art’s four architecture programmes is notoriously difficult due to its small size, but you can’t go wrong with it – the school has been named best for architecture in the world for four years running.

The RCA offers two MA programmes in architecture (the first is taught alongside Imperial College London), and two research-based programmes: an MPhil/PhD programme and a practice-based PhD. The Architecture programme takes a humanistic approach to architectural education, focusing on ‘people, their lived experience of spaces and ways of inhabiting them’. Research foci include urban infrastructure and mobility; climate change; cultural heritage; architecture and music; refugee housing; design pedagogy; and computational design methods.

Notable alumni include architect Zaha Hadid, designer Thomas Heatherwick (who both studied at the Architectural Association before coming to the RCA), architect Richard Rogers, artist Anish Kapoor and engineer Cecil Balmond.

Cardiff School of Architecture

Located in the capital of Wales, Cardiff School of Architecture ranks as one of the top architecture schools in the world. With a population of approximately 360,000 inhabitants, Cardiff is a major seaport and industrial center.

Cardiff School of Architecture offers bachelor’s degrees in architecture and landscape architecture. It also offers master’s degrees in architecture (M.Arch) and landscape architecture (MLA). The M.Arch program focuses on design through city building and urbanism, while MLA concentrates on graphic communications, urban analysis, and ecology.

University of Sheffield Department of Architecture

The University of Sheffield Department of Architecture is located in Sheffield, England. This school offers a wide variety of degrees, including Bachelor’s and Master’s programs that both focus on architecture.

This department offers many unique courses that are particularly relevant to architecture students. The course in “Environmental Design and Technologies” will teach you about the many ways technology can be used to create a green and sustainable environment for your projects. This could include using solar panels or wind turbines to power buildings or using methods such as microgeneration or geothermal heating for a home. You can expect this program to be very useful in future work prospects!

We also offer courses on architectural history and theory, meaning you will have access to the tools needed for analysis of past designs as well as urban areas – and how they have influenced modern cities around Europe today. These classes will allow you understand more than just technical concepts; they give an insight into different cultures around Europe where architects may one day work with clients from these regions too!

University of Luxembourg Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication

  • Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  • Cost: $6,000 per year for tuition and fees
  • Reputation: #7 in Europe
  • Overall Grade: A (94.1%)
  • Curriculum: University of Luxembourg Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication is one of the top architecture schools in the world because it offers a variety of concentrations like Landscape Architecture and Architecture Conservation. The school also has an excellent career services department that helps students find jobs after graduation. In addition, University of Luxembourg Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication’s facilities are state-of-the art with students having 24/7 access to 3D printers. This makes a huge difference since most projects require 3D printing at some point during the semester. Finally, University of Luxembourg Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication is an excellent choice if you are looking for a university that offers international opportunities through study abroad programs or internships. If you’re interested in this school but worried it might be out of your price range then don’t worry! Due to its reputation as one of the best architecture schools in Europe University of Luxembourg Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication provides generous financial aid packages for qualified applicants

ETH Zurich Department of Architecture

One of the best universities in Europe, ETH Zurich Department of Architecture is located in Switzerland and was founded in 1855. The school is a part of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and boasts an international student population of over 18,000, hailing from over 120 countries. According to QS World University Rankings, it’s considered one of the best universities not just in Europe but also in the world.

The school offers two master’s programs: Master’s Degree Programmes MAS and MAS ETH in Architecture & Urban Design; and MAS ETH in Advanced Architectural Design (MAAAD). Both are intensive two-year programs that are taught entirely in English by renowned scholars.

The first program focuses on topics ranging from ecology and computation to architecture theory and design. On average, students complete eight projects throughout their time at the school—some individual, some collaborative—and can expect opportunities for travel as well as hands-on research experience. All students must submit a final project at the end of their tenure at ETH Zurich Department of Architecture; it will be exhibited along with work from other graduating students from across various fields.

The second program has a more specific focus on contemporary issues involving architecture and urbanism like sustainability and globalization. Students work intensively together on projects related to these topics both individually with faculty members as well as collaboratively with other students during weekly workshops; all students must take at least one workshop every semester for four semesters before graduation to complete their degree requirements.

The top european schools for architecture

  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • University College London (UCL)
  • The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

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