Best Medical Schools In Canada

Best Medical Schools In Canada

Medical schools in Canada are among the best in the world. The country’s universities offer plenty of opportunities to study medicine and earn a degree that will prepare you to practice medicine in Canada or abroad.

University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Established: 1974

Students in first year: 200

Students in second year: 100

Students in third year: 50 (dependent on intake)

Students in fourth year: 30 (dependent on intake)

Students in fifth year/residency program: 20

University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine

The University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and accepts about 50 students each year. The school also offers a joint MD/PhD program, which takes six years to complete. The school has a strong reputation both nationally and internationally for its research work in areas like genomics and immunology to name just a few.

University of Manitoba, Max Rady College of Medicine

The University of Manitoba, Max Rady College of Medicine

School of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dentistry (Dental School)

Faculty of Pharmacy (Pharmacy School)

Faculty of Health Sciences (Medical Lab Technician Program) Faculty of Graduate Studies Faculty at the University Of Manitoba is one that offers many great opportunities for you as a student. For starters, there are many different programs to choose from so you can find something that fits your needs and interests. It also has some amazing facilities like labs and resources for students to use throughout their time here at this school!

McGill University Faculty of Medicine

McGill University Faculty of Medicine is located in Montreal, Quebec. It is part of McGill University, a public research university that was founded in 1821. McGill has a long history of excellence in medical education and research, with over 60 Nobel Laureates having been affiliated with the school at some point in their careers.

The Faculty of Medicine offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. It has over 1,000 full-time faculty members who teach approximately 200 students per year as well as many more through its continuing education programs.

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine is one of the top medical schools in Canada. Established in 1843, this school has been ranked as one of the best medical schools in Canada. The University also offers a wide range of undergraduate programs like Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD in Health Sciences.

The University has well-established research centers where students can conduct their research to gain practical knowledge on various subjects related to medicine like neuroscience, immunology and infectious disease control etcetera.

In addition to these facilities offered by this university; it also provides state-of-the-art teaching facilities that include lecture halls equipped with audio visual aids as well as interactive computer screens for an effective learning experience at all levels.

Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine

The Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine (DUFM) is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The school has been in operation since 1868 and is considered one of the best medical schools in Canada for a variety of reasons. DUFM is a public institution that offers an MD degree program to students who wish to pursue careers as physicians. Students will study at this school from 4 years before earning their degrees.

In addition to its strong reputation, DUFM also has great facilities like labs and student services that allow students to succeed during their studies at this school. It’s no wonder why so many people want to attend this university!

Queen’s University School of Medicine

You’re not going to find a lot of schools that are easier to get into than Queen’s University School of Medicine. The medical school is located in Kingston, Ontario, and has been around since 1874. The school’s reputation for research and training doctors is strong—it was ranked in the top 20 medical schools in Canada when it comes to research funding (source: Canadian Medical Association Journal).

The primary focus at Queen’s is on undergraduate medical education but they also have programs for post-grads as well as graduate students preparing themselves for careers within the healthcare field. Visit Queen’s University website at

Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Medicine

MUN is a great school because it has a reputation for excellence. It’s also a great place to be a student, faculty member and patient.

The Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) offers the MSc in Medical Education program that prepares you to teach in medical schools.

Western University Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Western’s Schulich School of Medicine is located in London, Ontario. The school has 833 students and an acceptance rate of around 30%. The average GPA for accepted applicants is 3.8 and the average MCAT score was 518. It costs $35,000 per year to attend Western, but if you’re Canadian or American you can apply for various scholarships that will enable you to study at a reduced rate.

The application deadline is June 1st each year so hurry up!

Canada has some medical schools with great reputations.

Canada has a number of medical schools that are recognized as some of the best in the world. In fact, several Canadian universities rank within the top 100 and 10% in the world! Here’s what to look for when deciding which school is right for you:

  • The reputation of a university matters. If it’s not ranked highly on any list or by any organization, then it may not be worth your time and money to attend.
  • Location is important if you want to work in Canada after graduating from college or university; however, if you plan on moving abroad before starting school (or even during), location isn’t as big an issue—and there are plenty of great options no matter where you live!

Medical schools in Canada are a great option if you want to pursue your education there. They have some of the best reputations in the world, along with many opportunities for research and clinical work. It can be difficult to decide where to go if you’re from outside of Canada, but these schools should definitely be on your list!

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