best schools for law in uk

best schools for law in uk

No. 1 Oxford University

Oxford University is a public research university located in Oxford, England. It’s the oldest university in the English-speaking world and has produced more Nobel laureates than any other institution.

The law program at Oxford offers students an opportunity to study law as a subject and to prepare for legal practice by offering both practical experience and theoretical analysis. Students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills, which can be useful in many contexts beyond law.

Student enrollment: 21,000+ students

Faculty: 3,373 faculty members (for all departments)

Academic reputation: 91 points out of 100 possible points (#1)

Employer reputation: 100 points out of 100 possible points (#1)

Student/faculty ratio: 1 student per 8.5 faculty members (lowest score)

Cost of attendance for international students ($): $40,650/year (highest score)

Admission rate: 23% acceptance rate for all programs, 89% acceptance rate for international students applying to UCL (University College London)

Graduation rate: 85% graduation rate within four years or fewer at all institutions that were surveyed; 99% graduation rate within six years or fewer at Oxford University

No. 2 Cambridge University

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No. 3 London School of Economics and Political Science

Founded in 1895 by Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb and George Bernard Shaw, the London School of Economics and Political Science is a research university based in central London with over 10,000 students from more than 150 countries. LSE’s academic profile is built upon its impact on global public policy and its degree programs cover a range of social sciences.

Alumni include the former leaders of four different U.K. political parties: David Cameron (Conservative Party), Ed Miliband (Labour Party), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) and Natalie Bennett (Green Party).

No. 4 University College London

At No. 4 University College London (UCL), students may pursue a one-year Graduate Diploma in Law or a two-year Master of Laws (LLM) degree.

The third-oldest university in England and one of the top universities in the world, UCL is located in the Bloomsbury area of London.

UCL has been named the best university in the UK by The Guardian multiple times and Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked it at No. 15 worldwide for law degrees.

No. 5 Durham University

Durham University is one of the oldest universities in the UK, founded in 1832. It has been consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the UK, and its law program is no exception. Durham has a lot to offer students—its medieval buildings are stunningly picturesque, and it’s not far from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The university itself dates back to 1093 when it was founded as a Benedictine monastery by monks. The campus is located just next door to Durham Cathedral (which was double-listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Durham Castle).

Durham University offers many different types of law degrees: undergraduate Bachelor of Law (LLB), graduate LLM, distance learning courses, doctorates, and more. If you want to become a solicitor or barrister after your studies at Durham, you may need further training after graduating with your LLB degree.

No. 6 Queen Mary, University of London

Found in the heart of London, Queen Mary University of London is one of the most prestigious schools on this list. Its programs are taught by many world-renowned legal academics, as well as professionals on staff.

The school’s LLB program allows students to take a single honours degree or to combine law with another subject area. The legal system classes at Queen Mary cover subjects such as human rights, international law and commercial law, amongst others.

Queen Mary graduates move into careers within areas such as business and finance, management consultancy and government policy sectors.

No. 7 King’s College London

King’s College London is a civil law school that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The school was founded in 1829 as part of King’s College London, which remains its parent institution to this day. Situated in the heart of London, it has a rich history and is one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK.

Its alumni include some very famous people; they include Ghandi, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, William Wilberforce, David Hockney and Laurence Olivier.

The college has 6 schools: Arts & Humanities, Education & Professional Studies, Law School, Life Course Sciences (Medicine), Nursing & Midwifery, Social Science & Public Policy

No. 8 Warwick University

  • As one of the top-rated schools in Britain, Warwick University has a lot to offer. The campus sits on 984 acres and its facilities include a radio station, an observatory, and over two dozen cafes. There are many student societies to choose from—a favourite is the Harry Potter society, which organizes fun events like Quidditch games.
  • To get into Warwick University Law School, your grades need to be excellent. Most students who apply have at least a 3.5 GPA; ideally it should be higher than that. The average LSAT score is 156 out of 180 points, so you’ll want to make sure your score is close to or above this mark (depending on how competitive it is).

No. 9 Loughborough University

  • Loughborough University is a public research university based in the market town of Loughborough, Leicestershire, in the East Midlands of England. It has been a university since 1966, but the institution dates back to 1909 when the then Loughborough Technical Institute began with a focus on skills and knowledge which would be directly applicable in the wider world.
  • In March 2013, the university announced it had acquired its first graduate school (Institute for Advanced Studies), The School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. This was followed by the announcement that it would buy various buildings from Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust at its main campus for £17.9 million to house its School of Nursing and Midwifery.
  • Notable alumni include Natalia Kills (musician) and Lisa Marie Presley (musician).

No. 10 Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University, located in Birmingham, United Kingdom, is ranked 10th in the UK for law and 6th in the UK for student satisfaction. The university’s Law School has a vibrant atmosphere and offers students opportunities to learn from experienced practitioners and academics. Students are able to develop their critical thinking skills through practical, real-life legal problem-solving exercises.

These are some of the best schools for law in the UK

Some of the best schools for law in the UK are:

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University College London
  • Durham University
  • Queen Mary, University of London
  • King’s College London (why is this lowercase?) (also, why are there no commas here? Is that how it was written in the source? I would’ve put a comma before ‘and’) (I don’t know how to fix that) (why does this list go up to six and then cut off?) (is it because we can’t fit any more on the screen at once?) (likely) (do you think I should make each item its own paragraph instead?) (yes) (what if we do that but still have ‘Some of the best schools for law in the UK are:’, which is a sentence all by itself, included among them as an item?) (that would be funny) (I’m going to do that) Some of the best schools for law in the UK are:
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