BIM-related Architecture Master Program

BIM-related Architecture Master Program

BIM-related Architecture Master Program

Learn more about BIM and how it relates to architecture in the BIM-related Master Program. This program shows you how you can use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to your advantage during the creation of a project from start to finish. You will learn what BIM is and how it can help you as an architect, and also get instruction on how to be effective when creating designs for clients. Graduates are prepared for careers involving the new technology of BIM, as well as traditional architects who want to transition into the modern era.

Master program in construction engineering

The Master in Construction Engineering and Management is designed to provide a training to students who want to be able to manage and develop projects of construction, rehabilitation, maintenance and management of infrastructures. In addition, the master will allow students to acquire knowledge in the field of management and organization of construction companies, allowing them to occupy positions in which they can apply their technical knowledge from the organizational point of view. The program covers different aspects related with those mentioned above:

  • Project planning
  • Materials for civil engineering
  • Processes for sustainable construction
  • Infrastructure project management

International Master of Science in Civil Engineering

The objectives of this 2-year international master’s degree are to provide the engineering knowledge and skills necessary for a career in civil engineering, as well as to promote the development of critical thinking and problem solving abilities, and teamwork. This programme is recognised all over Europe as having very high academic standards. The Master’s course offers advanced training in civil engineering to enhance your technical knowledge and skills. It includes theoretical and practical subjects taught by lecturers with considerable experience in research who will help you enhance both your theoretical knowledge and applied techniques. The course will also develop essential skills such as teamwork, creativity and the ability to work in an international environment that leading companies require of their employees.

You will study alongside other students from different countries who specialise in one of three areas: Structures, Hydraulics or Geotechnics. You’ll graduate with an internationally recognised degree from a top European university that showcases your talents in a competitive job market, while teaching you how to keep learning throughout your career.

International Master of Science in Civil Engineering.

The program is taught in English and is offered by the University of Stuttgart. The program is a 2-year full-time program that starts in the winter semester and is offered in Stuttgart, Germany.

International Master of Science in Urban Planning and Urban Design

International Master of Science in Urban Planning and Urban Design (IMUP) is a two-year full-time master’s program taught entirely in English at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), part of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC).

The two year-program has a very practical approach to training professionals in both urban design and planning, which are often separated in other academic institutions. It covers all scales from urban design to landscape architecture, giving students the tools they need to integrate projects at different scales.

The IMUP brings together several disciplines to give students a varied background that will enable them to work efficiently with engineers and other professionals in related areas. We offer technical training in the fields of urbanism, sociology, political science, environmental science and economics.

MSc in Inclusive and Sustainable Design for the Built Environment

To be admitted to this master’s degree, the candidate must have one of the following degrees:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical Engineering in urbanism and building management
  • Diploma in Specialized Technical Architect-Engineer

The master’s degree consists of 60 credits (ECTS), distributed in three semesters. In each semester, students take three or four subjects, according to the chosen itinerary. To complete the master’s degree, it is mandatory to carry out an academic dissertation related to the specialties of knowledge and/or a professional internship. The Master includes a total of five curricular internships (three optional and two mandatory).

MSc in architectural project design and management.

You will learn the skills that are necessary to carry out an architectural project design and management.

  • architectural project design
  • architectural project management
  • sustainable building design
  • sustainable building management
  • sustainable building materials
  • sustainable building technologies
  • sustainable building construction
  • building energy efficiency
  • architectural energy efficiency

energy efficient building materials

Master program in Environmental Engineering

During the academic year, you will learn about environmental engineering and will discover how science can be applied to the environment. You will study theory and practice in different disciplines such as chemistry and ecology. Then, during your practical training, you will get a taste of real-world experience while working on a project in collaboration with a company or research center. This program is designed to give you a solid theoretical foundation that you can use throughout your career.

Master’s Degree in Applied Architecture and Urbanism

A Master’s Degree in Applied Architecture and Urbanism is a specific type of postgraduate degree that’s designed to help students develop the skills required to understand, plan and design spaces. The program prepares students for careers as architects.

Students who earn this master’s degree learn how to use geometry and mathematics in the creation of urban environments, buildings and structures. They also become familiar with cultural issues related to architecture, and they may learn about how social behavior influences architectural design choices. Graduates of this program gain skills in areas like:

  • Social analysis
  • Building techniques
  • Geometry/mathematics
  • Design theory
  • Architectural history

Most master’s degrees are awarded after one or two years of full-time study, but exact duration varies by school and program.

Masters programs —Civil Engineering—Catalonia Polytechnic University (UPC)

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here are your options

  • A Master’s Degree in Spain
  • A Joint Master’s Degree in Spain and the U.S.
  • A Dual Master’s Degree in Spain and the U.S.

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