brewton parker college acceptance rate

brewton parker college acceptance rate

Brewton-Parker College’s acceptance rate is 100%.

When looking at the acceptance rate of a given school, it’s important to understand that not all students who are admitted will actually attend.

Likewise, some students who select the school will choose not to attend if they are accepted elsewhere.

Finally, some students may be admitted to schools that have higher acceptance rates but ultimately decide to enroll at Brewton-Parker College because of the quality of its programs or other factors.

Brewton-Parker College’s retention rate is 53%.

  • Retention rate is defined as the percentage of first-time students who return to Brewton-Parker College for their sophomore year. This means that of all the freshmen, 53% choose to stay on for a second year. In other words, 47% of freshmen leave before starting their sophomore year.

The retention rate matters because it indicates how well a school supports its students during and after their freshman year. A low retention rate can mean that people are leaving not because they’re transferring out, but because they’re dropping out or getting kicked out due to poor performance or misconduct. Of course, some people may just decide that college isn’t for them—and this is fine! But finding ways to encourage higher retention rates will help ensure that those who do want to continue have the appropriate support system in place and feel less stressed about it when they get there.*

The default rate is 10.3%.

>The default rate on a loan is the percentage of students who fail to repay their student loans: that is, they go three years without making satisfactory payments. The three-year student loan default rate at Brewton-Parker College is 10.3%. This means that out of all borrowers who graduated or left school within 3 years of graduating in 2016, 10.3% defaulted on their federal student loans before making satisfactory payments.

Default rates are calculated by dividing the number of borrowers who have defaulted on their loans by the total number of borrowers, then multiplying the result by 100 to get a percentage. Knowing this information can help you understand your odds of repaying your loans and what you can do to lower those odds.

Graduation rate is 46%.

Brewton Parker College’s graduation rate is considerably lower than the average college in Georgia, coming in at 46% compared to the state average of 59%. If you are considering attending Brewton Parker, you should be aware of how likely it is that you will complete your degree there within a reasonable time frame. Many students who enter school intending to graduate in four years end up taking longer due to changing their major or other factors.

If you’re worried about your ability to finish college on time, we suggest looking into programs where graduating on time is more common.

Total number of students admitted is 414.

  • 414 total students were admitted
  • They come from 38 states and territories, as well as from 38 countries around the world.
  • Their average SAT score was 1066.

They came to Brewton-Parker College for a variety of reasons:

  • The Baptist heritage (81%)
  • The low student-faculty ratio (68%)
  • To gain Christian values (89%)

This information comes from the college’s website.

You can check Brewton-Parker College’s admissions website to learn about the school’s admissions process. In terms of quality of life on campus, this school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and student organizations.

The admissions data in the graph is self-reported by applicants to Brewton-Parker College. GPAs are unweighted. Find out how you compare to accepted students, see the real-time graph, and calculate your chances of getting in with a free Cappex account.

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