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bridgewater portal


First time users

  • Go to the Bridgewater portal via and click on the Forgot password link. (see image below)
  • Enter your username which is your employee id number, including any leading 0’s e.g 012345 followed by and click send email .(see image below)
  • An email will be sent to your email address with a temporary password (please check your junk folder). When you receive this email please follow the instructions provided in the email to change your password.


What is DocuSign?DocuSign is a service that can be used to electronically sign documents. When you send someone a DocuSign, they will be asked to fill out and sign the form, then return it to you. These signed documents are legally binding.

How do I sign a DocuSign?When you receive a DocuSign, there will be an email notice with an invitation; click the link provided in the email invitation to access the document. The signing process consists of 5 steps: initial information, signature/initials, certification, declaration/approval and review & complete. You can also visit if you have any further questions or concerns about how to use DocuSign.


Phishing involves a person masquerading as a trustworthy entity in order to obtain personal information. The person requesting the information may use false pretenses, create a fake website or email link, or send an email with a malicious attachment.

Even if you receive an email from someone you know, that doesn’t guarantee its legitimacy. Some of the most common phishing attempts are emails sent by people who have had their email accounts compromised.

Be vigilant when it comes to unsolicited emails, spending some time researching suspicious links before opening them, and never attempt to log into your Bridgewater account using any link other than our published website address:


When you’re ready to review or confirm your payroll, there are several options available within the Bridgewater portal. You can monitor pay stubs, see how much money has been deducted from your check for taxes, and look through the status of past checks. The payroll section is a useful area if you want to know how much money will be deposited into your checking account.

HR Advisor

You can use The HCM Portal to:

Access benefit information (including your W-2)

Request time off and view your schedule

Manage employee performance data and goals (for managers)

View pay stubs, direct deposit information and tax withholdings


Salesforce is a platform that allows you to manage your sales, marketing and service needs. It has a wide array of features that you can use to accomplish your goals.

The following instructions will help you get started with Salesforce.

bridgewater portal

Please enter your credentials to continue.

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