bryant college acceptance rate

bryant college acceptance rate

Bryant University’s average SAT score is 1150.

If you’re a student or visitor to Bryant University, it’s likely that you’ll want to know about the likelihood of acceptance as a prospective student. Of course, every admission decision is made on an individual basis and based on the depth of your application. However, it is possible to get an idea of what kind of scores are likely to be competitive at Bryant.

To begin with, here are three useful figures: Bryant University’s average SAT score is 1150 (the 25th percentile), its average ACT score is 25 (the 85th percentile), and its average GPA is 3.3 (the 75th percentile).

In terms of percentiles, 75% of students who took the SAT got a score higher than 1150, while only 25% got a score lower than that amount. In other words, this shows that most students are above-average performers—but there’s still plenty of space for applicants who want to stand out from their peers in positive ways. The same situation holds true with the ACT: 75% of students scored better than 25 on this exam, but again there’s room for separateiion among applicants who want to stress their strengths. For GPA specifically, most accepted students have a 3.3 or higher grade point average; however only 25% had lower GPAs under 2.5—so if your grades haven’t been as strong as you’d like them to be up until now then it might be time for some college prep work!

Bryant University’s average ACT score is 25

While the average ACT score of Bryant University students is 25, there’s no reason for prospective students to despair. 25 is a good score! It’s above the national average by a point, and it means you’ve scored better than around 75% of people taking the test.

In order to achieve this high score, your best bet would be to take several practice ACT tests before test day—practice making perfect, right?–and familiarize yourself with the most common question types: analogy problems (spotting relationships between two words or phrases), sentence correction problems (choosing grammatically correct sentences based on a prompt), reading comprehension questions (identifying how an author uses evidence to support his or her thesis), and math problems (solving real-world word problems).

If you’re interested in getting more information about improving your ACT score, check out Khan Academy’s guide here:​ACT-Guide_overview .

Bryant University’s acceptance rate is 67 percent.

The 67 percent acceptance rate at Bryant University is higher than the average in-state rate for public colleges (50 percent). Compared with other schools, Bryant’s acceptance rate is lower than average. The school has looked at 1,216 applicants from the past three years and admitted 559 (48 percent).

What are my chances of getting into Bryant? About 67 percent.

Around 82 percent of Bryant students receive some form of financial aid.

The acceptance rate at Bryant University is 82 percent, slightly higher than the national average of 81.9 percent. That makes Bryant a competitive school, but not overly selective—which is why it’s important to remember that the majority of students receive some form of financial aid.

  • Compared to other schools in Rhode Island, Bryant’s acceptance rate is high—the next highest rate in the state that we looked at is Brown University’s 29 percent. This shows that Bryant is more popular with applicants than its Providence rival, which has been ranked as one of America’s most selective colleges by U.S. News and World Report.
  • Only about 73 percent of applicants were accepted to Bryant University in 2017, which places it above many highly regarded schools such as Columbia (61%), Princeton (84%), and Yale (5%). The difference between your chance of getting into Bryant versus some Ivy League universities may not seem like much on paper, but don’t forget that these top schools are also extremely expensive when compared to Bryant’s much more manageable prices.
  • You can check out a full list of financial aid statistics for any college you’re interested in on our site or by using the table below:

If you have good scores and are willing to pay or need financial aid then you should apply to Bryant college

For a more in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of Bryant College, please click here.

The school’s Class Profile for Fall 2017 listed 1,566 freshmen and 643 transfers, giving it a total enrollment of 2,209 students. This is larger than the enrollment figures for many other colleges and universities in the state—not to mention that it’s almost double the population of its hometown!

To help you get a better sense of why this matters in terms of your experience as a student at Bryant College, let’s break down some facts about student-to-teacher ratios, academics, and financial aid.

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