Careers with a masters in criminology

While there are many career paths for someone with a Masters in Criminology, here are five of the more common ones.

Many top employers seek out graduate talent with a master’s degree in criminology as a way to make sure they hire the most capable candidates. A master’s in criminology also opens career options beyond law enforcement and social services, such as research, business and consulting.

Are you thinking about a career in criminology? A master’s degree in criminology is a great place to start. There are numerous career paths for those with a criminology masters degree. These include law enforcement, homeland security and even general management.criminology

Careers with a masters in criminology

Are you interested in pursuing a career with your newly earned masters degree? These four tips will help make the transition into the workforce easy and successful.

You’ve been fascinated with crime for as long as you can remember. You may have to live vicariously through your favorite crime dramas, but deep inside you know that you want a career in criminology. Defenders of the innocent, keepers of the peace; do you have what it takes to succeed in one of these roles?

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It’s important to remember that many criminology graduate programs offer a wide variety of career paths. A Criminology Masters program provides a broad and conceptual education, but careers with a Master’s degree in Criminology are very different. Many follow these steps:

One of the greatest benefits to obtaining a Master’s degree in Criminology is the potential for jobs with higher incomes and better job titles that you would have if you just have a Bachelor’s degree. If you’re interested in law enforcement jobs or making more money as an FBI agent, for example, it’s worth taking a look at all of your options.

Many criminology graduates, especially those on the B.S. side, hope to obtain jobs with the FBI, DEA, or other law enforcement bodies. Though there are a few who obtain such positions out of college, that’s not to say that a masters in criminology isn’t useful from a career standpoint. Many people work as police officers or corrections officers while they pursue graduate degrees and careers in policing or the field of criminal justice.

As we learned at the beginning of this process, deciding on a field of study is a difficult task. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your education should match your goals. If you want to pursue a career in criminology, pursuing a masters in criminology is definitely worth your time and money. And if you want to learn more about what some people think are the best schools for a criminology masters, check out our rankings. We know you will find useful information there that can bring clarity to your higher education dreams.

To study criminology means that you are interested in real-world applications, not just the theory. Criminologists work in a variety of occupations, including research, education and criminal justice. The career outlook in criminology is very good, since it is such a broad field and many fields outside of the traditional criminology career path are hiring these types of professionals. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to become a criminologist check out our crime careers page.

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